Sexting - Our children's virtual striptease

After four attempts, Anna took the perfect picture. Your hair lies loosely over your shoulders, your pouty lips are shown to advantage - just like the new push-up bra. Sexy and yet not too cheap in her opinion. She sends off the intimate self-portrait and waits eagerly for a reaction.

ONLINE TREND SEXTING - The virtual striptease

From Meike Stephan

Anna, whose real name is different, is thirteen and misses her boyfriend. He's on vacation for two weeks and several hundred kilometers away. She is afraid that he will forget her in the meantime, wants to remind him of the time together. She sends him a revealing selfie, as you do nowadays.

Intimate pictures instead of love letters

“Sexting” - a combination of the two words “sex” and “texting”, describes the taking and sending of erotic photos via electronic devices.

Beware of selfies - image by Eugenio Cuppone on Pixabay

More and more young people are using smartphones, tablets and the like to send intimate private photos of themselves. Who wants a bombastic love letter when you can say so much more with pictures?

Whatsapp and Snapchat are especially popular for intimate self-portraits. A Austrian study on sexting among young people showed that 30 percent of all respondents between the ages of 14 and 18 have already had experience with sexting. Many have already sent a nude photo of themselves. "Sexting - Our children's virtual striptease" read more