Is children's laughter noise?

Admittedly, children often strain our nerves. It is not uncommon for the noise level to be to blame for the fact that we occasionally drive irritably in between and no longer only recognize sentences such as: "Can't you even rest" from the famous car adverts.

Children's laughter is not noise!

Noise from children can be exhausting, even if it consists of laughter and joy. But what the one just tolerates is already a thorn in the side of the other.

Children's noise - children's laughter is not noise!
Children's noise - children's laughter is not noise! | picture of StockSnap on Pixabay

And what about the dear neighbor? If he has no children, the risk of feeling annoyed by the noise of the children is much higher than if he has children himself. From 2011 onwards, new regulations were introduced when he was allowed to sue and what he had to accept.

Baby crying is not a noise

The good news first. Baby crying does not count as noise nuisance, even if it penetrates the legally stipulated night's sleep from 22 p.m. to XNUMX a.m. "Is children's laughter noise?" read more