Learn to tie shoelaces or Velcro

Learning to tie shoelaces was a nightmare for me. I hereby come out: I still do not tie my shoes in the usual way, but instead I put two loops that I knot together.

Learn to tie shoelaces or buy shoes with Velcro?

I taught myself that in kindergarten. Each had a shoe made of sturdy cardboard with two laces attached.

Tying shoelaces - Image by Pezibe is on Pixabay

Anyone who learned to tie the shoelace had their shoe hung up.

Mine hung there until the end, until I came up with the saving idea on my own. Learning to tie shoelaces wasn't for me! Which doesn't mean your child shouldn't learn.

The ability to tie shoelaces depends on fine motor skills. Some children can do this at the age of three, others only at seven. The approximate standard is between four and seven years. "Learn to tie shoelaces or Velcro" read more