Snacking on sweets for children

Children love sweets. It's as sure as the amen in church. And unlike in the past, they seem to have access to the little sweets everywhere.

Allow children to snack on sweets?

Sweet snacking - Image by Beth thomas on Pixabay

It starts at children's eye level at the supermarket checkout and continues on children's birthday parties with chocolate cake, cream puffs and smarties.

Although we are all now cleared up about how much sugar is in the body, being overweight is a problem of our generation, which continues in our children.

It is not for nothing that voices are being raised that the generation of current kindergarten children would die earlier than the generation of their parents due to poor nutrition.

And that at a time when, on the other hand, millions of people are starving and dying of malnutrition. "Snacking on sweets for children" read more