Cooking with wildflowers - don't start too early

Cooking with wildflowers sounds like adventure and tastes colorful on the tongue. Dandelions on your plate? Daisies in the Salad? Where do you get that? Best in the children's kitchen!

Do not start cooking with wildflowers too soon

Because wildflowers are not only tasty, they also look beautiful on the plate and, as is well known, the eye is with it. They are also healthy and just spice up any meal.

Cooking with Wildflowers - Image by Jill wellington on Pixabay

But which flowers are edible and how can I prevent my child from thinking that it could just put all the beautiful flowers of forest, field and meadow into my mouth? At the latest with the thimble this is life-threatening!

In order for the above problem when cooking with wildflowers not really to be a danger, your child should have a certain age before they start to cook in the kitchen with wildflowers. It should be known that some flowers are edible and some are highly toxic. "Cooking with wildflowers - don't start too early" read more