Time for two - parents but also partners

It doesn't always have to be the television and the fight over the programs that determine the evening. There are great things that you can do together after a long day at work. Excitement or relaxation, the facets of leisure activities in the evening, on weekends and on public holidays are varied, stimulating and weld together.

Culinary delights at home

Do you feel like eating, but not cooking yourself, serving a pizza and going out to eat? A rental cook helps. A rental chef conjures up a multi-course menu in the home kitchen. You discuss with him the desired dishes, starters, main courses and desserts and a suitable date.

Time for Two - Image by Werner Heiber on Pixabay

The rental chef buys everything and also brings his utensils with him if they are not available in the household. He prepares the dishes in the kitchen and serves them in style at the nicely laid table that he has prepared. The rental chef removes the empty plates after the courses, refills wine or other drinks and also tidies the kitchen again. It disappears without a trace after the work is done. "Time for two - parents but also partners" read more