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Many people around the globe have discovered the ancient art of movement Tai Chi and practice it to harmonize their minds, to regulate physical complaints, as a traditional martial art or for meditation.

Tai Chi - The Origins

Like many Far Eastern practices, this is also perceived as a beneficial addition and even an alternative to conventional medicine. But what exactly is Tai Chi, where does it come from, how is it performed and what does it do?

Tai Chi probably began at the end of the 18th century. At that time, every significant family in China “owned” its own martial art, the methodical and technical execution of which was taught from generation to generation, but was kept like a secret from the outside world.

Tai Chi exercises
Tai Chi exercises for body and soul - © ulza / Adobe Stock

As the original form of training for sword fighting, Tai Chi is rarely practiced today, but the main concern is now to promote and maintain health.

Movement - The Form

A complete sequence of movements is called a form. Here, the person takes several different body positions one after the other and combines them with flowing movements. As in yoga, the individual positions have special names, and a form can quickly consist of 140 positions.

It takes a while to internalize the entire process, but that too is an important characteristic of this sport. The journey is the goal, and with patience and perseverance you can get there.

The real magic of Tai Chi lies in the slow and concentrated flow of movement.

Martial styles are still implemented very quickly, but in the classic variant the power literally lies in calm.

Exercises for body and mind

Implementing a shape begins with the right posture. Erect, with slightly bent knees, straight ahead gaze and loosely hanging arms, you gather in your mind and get in the mood to focus entirely on your physical perception for the next few minutes. The breath flows evenly and quietly through the whole body.

It is advisable to choose a quiet part of the day and an undisturbed place to do the exercises. Whether in the evening in the park, in the living room or in the morning on the terrace at home - the main thing is that unpleasant distractions and disruptive factors are far away.

Of course you can teach yourself one or more forms autodidactically from books, the training with an experienced teacher helps but especially for beginners over uncertainties. In addition, any bad posture does not grind at all; you learn faster, how it feels "right".

The variety of effects of Tai Chi

The regular use of Tai Chi exercises has both preventive and healing effects on the entire organism. In general, after a certain period of continuous training, mobility, the ability to regenerate, a sense of balance and digestion improve. Tensions dissolve, circulation and sleep rhythm stabilize and a certain inner serenity soon sets in.

In particular, with joint problems and stress-related disorders of the body chemistry, Tai Chi can develop enormous healing effects if it is used under correct guidance. Fortunately, there is no age limit for this type of exercise, and it would be desirable if, in the western world, undaunted public practice were a matter of course in everyday life.


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