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Baptism is often the first festival in life. Christians know baptism, which is still one of the church rituals today. Although it can be understood and carried out in different ways, it serves to integrate the person baptized into the Christian community and is thus a creed.

The decision to be baptized after birth

Most children are baptized when they are babies, even if they cannot decide for themselves or against them at this point. Today, for the same reason, some parents wait until the child is old enough to make a decision.

Baby is baptized
Church baptism - Image by keskieve from Pixabay

However, if the child wants to celebrate First Holy Communion, it must be baptized beforehand. Even church events in later life only reveal themselves when the baptism has been carried out.

Parents who do not take the ritual of baptism as naturally as perhaps the generation before have completely new opportunities today. Sometimes young parents in particular want to find out for themselves how they believe in God. Those who are not yet firmly established in their beliefs are looking for answers that they can calmly find.

Are there deadlines for the baptism of the new earthling?

Baptism is not an act to be done in the first few weeks after birth. This was still common a few decades ago, and even in the past few centuries children were baptized in the first days of life after birth. Maybe there were other reasons at that time, because the living conditions were not always rosy and the risk that the newborn would not survive the first days of life was great.

These dangers no longer exist in this form today, and after thorough planning and preparation, baptisms take place with joy and confidence in the child's first weeks of life. Some parents want to celebrate this festival out of deep religious conviction, others naturally take on the ritual because it is simply part of it for them.

Baptism alignment

The orientation of the baptism can also be different, around this beautiful festival there are great suggestions for the course of the festival. The ritual act is carried out by the church, depending on the pastor, there can be great differences in the design. Basically, parents are free to choose where they want their child baptized as long as the baptism takes place in a church.

Catholic baptism is accompanied by a maximum of 2 godparents, who must be at least 16 years old. To register for baptism, the child's birth certificate is required, as well as the names and addresses of the godparents.

The time before baptism and the celebration afterwards

Preparations for the baptism festival can bring little or much work, depending on the size of the crowd that is being invited. But even if the celebration takes place in a restaurant after baptism and the parents do not have to worry about the hospitality of the guests, there are a few things to think about:

  • Buy christening candle or design it yourself
  • Choosing songs for worship
  • Select baptism
  • Make invitation cards
  • Make table cards
  • Christening robe for the baby
  • Clothing for parents / siblings

Godfather / godparents

The godparents are happy to help organize or help design the christening candle, invitation and place cards. If the christening ceremony takes place at home, the flower arrangement should not be forgotten either. The table decoration should look fresh and cheerfully colorful, it can be a little festive. Some parents find it nice when everything is child-friendly and colorful, very easy and without strict conversions. They value the baptism and a beautiful ceremony and entertain the guests at home in a cozy atmosphere.

When the guest list is ready, the invitations are written. This should have happened about three weeks before the baptism date. If relatives who live far away come, the accommodation options must also be clarified. If you are unsure who to invite, just follow your heart.


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