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Teapot is a classic word game in which players have to guess a word with multiple meanings. It promotes language ability and expression even in children.

How does the game Teapot

Part of the teammates make statements about his term, replace this term with the word "teapot" and the other players have to guess the secret term.

For example:

  • "My teapot is a small animal with pointed teeth"
  • "My teapot is also available as an accessory for computers"
  • The solution, the teapot, is the mouse in this case.

This game is great for children's birthday parties. Before starting the game you should still agree on whether to allow only nouns. Then, for example, the teapot "poor / arm" would be dropped as a possibility.

List of teapots

You can download this list of teaspoon terms free of charge in pdf format using the link at the end of the list. We know that there are many more teaspoon expressions. However, we deliberately geared the selection of terms to children's vocabulary:

ParagraphShoe - text construction
GrowingCultivation house - cereal cultivation
PendantVehicle Trailer - Fan
traffic lightTraffic sign - Hanging basket
ArticleNewspaper - Articles in the assortment
CasserolePeople gathering - eating
ballDance Event - Ball to play
BankingFinancial institution - to sit down
BarUnit of measure - pub
BarrenTurn - gold bars
BartPart of the key - male facial hair
BienenstichCake - insect bite
stock marketTrading place - wallet
blossomCounterfeit money - part of the flower
StripString - bookbinding
GlassesToilet - visual aid
blanketCeiling - duvet
HallwayHallway - board
dragonMythical animal - aircraft
EarthPlanet - potting soil
dog-earEar of Donkey - kink in a book page
TradeSchool subject - cabinet compartment
FederBird suspension
VideosTV movie - grunge film
thimblepoisonous plant - sewing utensil
FliegeAnimal garment
FrankfurterInhabitants of Frankfurt - Sausages
FeedPet food - inner part of clothes
GabelCutlery - part of a bicycle
salaryPay - share of a content
CourtDistrict Court - meal
CockAnimal - faucet
GroinHills - tend to something
HarzMountains in Germany - tree resin
HeringFish - attachment for tents
HornWind instrument - horn in animals
trousersClothes - Windhose
JaguarCar - cat
CombMountain comb - comb hair
ChapelSmall music group - small church
MapPlaying Card - Map
candleSpark plug - turn candle to light
KieferConifer - bit
NodeConnecting cords - speed
CircleCounty Geometric Circle
crossingRoad crossing - breeding
KroneDentures - crown of a queen
CustomerGood news - customer in the business
runnerSportsman - long carpet
warehouseTent camp - storage room
clothCleaning rag - tribe
vicebad habit - truck
runnerSportsman - carpet
LegendNarration - explanation on maps
managementCable - leader
Solutionsolute - solution of a task
MarsPlanet - chocolate bar
MouseAnimal - computer mouse
trade fairSales exhibition - in worship
MillBoard Game - Windmill
MotherParent - part of a screw
NotesMusic note - banknote
pipeWhistle for smoking - whistle
PflasterWound dressing - road surface
PimplePimple on the skin - Pickaxe
PonyHorse breed - hairstyle
PortoCity in Portugal - letter postage
ProcessTrial - Chemical Process
QuarkDairy food - elementary particles
RadlerCyclist - mixed drink beer and lemonade
CaterpillarInsect - construction machine
RockGarment - music style
BackBody part - spine
Switchelectrical switch - switch at banks
MoldHorse breed - spoiled food
Castlebig residence - door lock
singleAlone live - small record
SchenkelPart of the leg - part of a triangle
SnakeAnimal Queue
plaiceFish - ice floe
shedFish scale - small hut
memoryStorage room - computer storage
spiderInsect - rotary clothesline
TipLace end - fabric type
rungSeedling - part of the ladder
StockFloor - wooden stick
StampPart of the flower - stamp on offices
bouquetRun bird - bouquet of flowers
CurrentBig river - Electricity
StrudelApple strudel - water strudel
DewMoisture - thick rope
Tonloamy soil - sound
assetsWealth - special ability
QuarterQuarter of the whole - neighborhood
bugInsect - monitor
MeadowTree species - pasture for animals
EconomyRestaurant - Entire Economy
toeFoot - clove of garlic
ZellePrison cell - smallest living unit

List of 100 teapots for free with explanations for download


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