Textile blindness - I have nothing to wear

“I have nothing to wear again!” Who doesn't know this sentence for sure or from the mouth of his wife, who stands in front of her full wardrobe like every day and doesn't know what to wear?

Textile blindness - every blouse counts! - It's hard to choose

“Good morning!” The radio sounds. “Today will be a sunny day. The birds are singing. It is shortly before 07.00:XNUMX am and some early risers are already rushing to work. "Still totally sleepy, SHE stands there in front of her wardrobe and doesn't know what to wear:

I have nothing to wear - picture by JamesDeMers on Pixabay

One of many women in this world who has so much to wear in her closet that she no longer knows what to wear.

Today of all days on this important day, when the head of department will also ask her to give a speech in front of the assembled employees, she has not found the right one. She thinks about various combinations.

Blouses and trousers are torn from the hanger and tried on. Time is running out and she still hasn't found anything that she would like for this important day. In the end it becomes the usual green sweater and the often worn brown skirt. Who doesn't that seem familiar?

What is textile blindness?

Textile blindness is particularly noticeable in women, who despite numerous choices fall into textile indecision several times a day. At a loss, women stand in front of the closet and simply do not know WHAT to wear. Since women basically rely on their feeling, but most of the time telling them that they are too fat, it is extremely difficult to find the right one.

Can the male sex help here?

How can you help? In short, "NOT AT ALL". In order not to risk a major relationship argument, it would be better to simply hold back in such situations. Even the most loving words cannot help here.

Basically, everything is interpreted differently than one (s) may have meant. Because if he says “I think that suits you”, she replies “you always say that” and if he says “I don't like that so much” she concludes “you think I'm too fat in it?”

The solution

Women who are undecided should simply choose the outfit for the next day the evening before. The advantage is that when there is no time pressure, you have a clearer head to think about what would be the right thing and also save valuable time in the early morning. So you start the day in a good mood.

Another way to solve the "problem" is simply to knock out the wardrobe. Studies show that only 20% of clothing in the closet is actually dressed regularly.

The third option is an older system called "Close your eyes and through". Simply close your eyes and slide your finger up and down in front of a pile of clothes until you accidentally stop at a part. And this is exactly what is attracted without thinking about it for long. This is the only way to avoid bursting tears and collapsing in front of the wardrobe with the exclamation "I have nothing to wear!"

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