Great turrets for autumn and winter tinker

Home-made lanterns have their own special charm. In the summer they shimmer on the terrace in warm neighbors, in autumn and winter they also decorate our apartment or a banquet table, even if there is no wind.

Hurricanes in autumn as decoration

Of course, see home-made lanterns in autumn and winter as a decoration outside the door, for example, at the entrance, great. The best part is that it's easy, one To design a windlight yourselfso that even children can enjoy it and achieve an impressive result without much prior knowledge. If that is not motivation ...

Lanterns decorated in autumn
Windlichter simply tinker yourself

Home-made lanterns for the fall

For a home-made autumn wind light Once you have a suitable glass for the candle. If it is a larger lantern, you can use preserving jars. Of course, they are also available in different sizes. Even a jam jar can serve well.

It always looks nice if you are not just one home-made lantern used for decoration, but at least three of the same kind on the table or on the window sill.

As candles are tealights or - depending on the size of the glass - even slightly thicker pillar candles.

For the autumn glass you need colorful leaves of maple & co. These should be dried a few days before. Then you can tie them with a simple cord decorative around the glass. But beware: Please make sure that the dry leaves can not come into contact with the candle flame.

In this way you can of course also perpetuate every other season on the glass. Toned cardboard stars in winter, dried leaves and herbs in spring and summer. The good thing is that such a home-made lantern almost a money costs!

Homemade winter lanterns with wallpaper paste

Of course you also need candle and glass for this. Furthermore, you also need wallpaper paste and tracing paper. Nice in the tapetenkleistermethode look even small glass, which you then draped in small groups, for example, on a Christmas tray.

From the tracing paper for the homemade tealight Winter motifs such as frosted flowers, stars or fir trees cut out. These are then glued separately or overlapping (nice, if you cut out only stars or just frosts, for example) with wallpaper paste on the glass.

Even very small children can simply tear strips or pieces out of the paper. Maybe set a color that fits Christmas. And if it is to be colorful, it's just an all-seasons wind light!

Wind lanterns from Thousand and One Nights

If you do not want to make your lantern out of glass, you can also work with parchment paper. However, that is a bit too difficult with very young children. Here you need a beer mat, colored paper strips, parchment paper and glittering stones. Also, of course, scissors, glue and tealights.

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