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The historical beginnings of today's common buzzword "Traveling Forms" can be quite clearly traced back to the end of the 17. and beginning of 18. Dating back to the twentieth century, when the "Grand Tour" of great culturally important sites in Europe and the Middle East became socially obligatory for the wealthy adult sons of the European nobility and the upper bourgeoisie.

Travel expands your own horizon

The journey, often referred to as the "Cavalier Tour", usually took months through picturesque landscapes and into famous European cities of art in France, Italy and Spain, where in particular famous monuments from antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance were visited.

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travelling forms

While bourgeois travelers focused on language acquisition and knowledge of culture, aristocratic descendants should also make valuable contacts with other princely courts, refine their manners, learn fencing skills, make unofficially erotic experiences, and examine possible marriages.

These phases of organized idleness were also in the entire 19. and early 20. At the latest with the triumphal march of commercial tourism after the end of the Second World War in the 1950s, there was a gradual democratization of educational and study trips in the 19th century, even for those sections of the population that had the necessary financial resources.

Since then, travel to foreign parts of the world has become affordable for less well-off social groups. Although the majority of modern tourists travel to other areas primarily for reasons of recreation and relaxation, the professional development of student exchanges and semester abroad for students is quite clearly in the tradition of the "Grand Tour".

The most dangerous of all world views is the worldview of the people who did not look at the world. Alexander von Humboldt

Traveling in times of globalization

In the meantime, longer periods of work or tourism abroad have become a highly regarded criterion for job placement among HR managers. Applicants with relevant experience hereby signal their potential future employers a high degree of openness, flexibility and also the courage to get used to new and unknown situations.

What is politics and why is choosing a privilege and so important?

Traveling is becoming an integral and indispensable component of a better understanding of the rest of the world, as globalization continues to grow, with intercultural skills and knowledge of foreign languages, customs and practices becoming increasingly important to the global success of global businesses ultimately consumers, their desires, expectations and expectations.

Almost no company today can afford to hire employees without foreign language skills and at least a few travel experiences. In current times, such as the digitally oriented industries, in which it is perfectly normal and natural that many people of different ethnic origin work together and produce targeted, are gained by frequent travel acceptance and tolerance of other ways of life and morality almost a prerequisite for employment.

Traveling despite video conferencing

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Travel abroad expands your own horizons

In addition, the importance of business travel has increased rather than decreased in recent years, despite the many forecasts of video and web conferencing. Depending on the exact industry and the exact division of the company, it is expected that the employees will be suitable and appropriate abroad can behave appropriately.

Travel in the early 21. The century has thus become increasingly or again a purely leisure time pleasure an important social and professional ability. Only those who are able to move and behave well on the international stage will be able to create leadership positions in the medium and long term at home.

It remains to be hoped that these insights and experiences from the economic life of the past three to five decades will become more widespread again in the future, in the future, unfortunately, in many places, unfortunately, rather strongly chauvinistic and nationalistic childbearing world politics.

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