And suddenly everyone was in the HOMEOFFICE family

What was the normal everyday life of an average family like. Well, I would say the family gets up in the morning, mom or dad prepares breakfast for the children and then they have breakfast first.

And then the cozy living room became an office.
And then the cozy living room became an office. - Image by Vinzent Weinbeer from Pixabay

If both parents go to work, the entire family gets ready for the start of the day at work, daycare or school. After their work is done, the family meets again in the afternoon and spends the afternoon and evening there together.

They'll probably play, do their homework, have dinner and then chill out a bit together before the kids usually go to bed and the parents can finally take time for themselves.

For some time now, however, some things have changed in this daily routine. A new form of work has arrived.

Home Office

Now people no longer drive to work, but work in the HOMEOFFICE. That alone could have been a challenge for some families. Perhaps there is a living room, a bedroom and two children's rooms in the apartment.

Where should the office workstation go then? In the living room? Well, it would certainly work there at a certain time, as long as there are no children. Another option would be the bedroom. Also only a suboptimal solution if one parent might work shifts.

However families have solved this problem, there is the next challenge. In addition to the HOMEOFFICE, HOMESCHOOLING was also added at the same time in a few months of 2020. Now a true logistical masterpiece has to be achieved.

Dad works on the PC and conducts Skype or Zoom conferences with colleagues, while mom takes care of the school supplies for the kids, who may also be in different age groups. I can vividly imagine that you quickly reach your limits here.

Because of course this situation is totally new for the kids too. First of all, the joy is great that Dad no longer has to go to the office and Mum is also permanently available. The kids come into the laboriously created home office room every five minutes and Dad gets annoyed very quickly.

This new situation can certainly be resolved with a little patience on all sides. If everyone has a little patience in this new situation and employers show some understanding, then working from home can be successful.

There are now companies that generally support the home office and want to enable employees to work from home more often, even after this difficult time.

Perhaps some of those who are currently “banned” from working from home are also happy to go back to the office as normal at some point.

How is that Were there any funny moments too?

4 thoughts on "And suddenly everyone was in the HOMEOFFICE family"

  1. My wife and I are happy that we can be together permanently in the home office. This gives me the opportunity to regularly give her good tips on optimizing housework, which she then gratefully and silently implements.

  2. Many seem to have settled in well over the long term, with fewer children screaming in the background during business phone calls 🙂

  3. Daughter at home, son at home, wife at home ... I first had to upgrade the line, if 4 people are permanently connected to the connection, the conferences run so jerkily 🙂

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