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For many happy couples an unfulfilled desire for children is an enormous burden. If, despite great effort, no pregnancy occurs, there are severe mental stress for men and women.

Unfulfilled desire to have children: when pregnancy is a long time coming

The fertility of both sexes has decreased. Current studies show that every fifth to tenth woman does not become pregnant even after more than six months. There are many reasons for this, and they are increasingly common in men.

Unfulfilled desire for children
Unfulfilled desire to have children due to infertility of the man - © Alliance / Adobe Stock

Causes in both sexes

From a statistical point of view, 40 percent of the cause of an absent pregnancy lies in men and women. If the desire to have children remains unfulfilled for a long time, affected couples seek help from a specialist.

Using special examination methods, the doctor can determine why a pregnancy is not occurring. More and more couples are seeking medical treatment for a fertility disorder. The number of unfulfilled wishes for children is increasing. Doctors mainly blame environmental toxins and the lack of nutrients for this.

People consciously or unconsciously ingest environmental toxins. This includes polluted air or food contaminated with pesticides. But alcohol, nicotine, drugs and medication are also environmental toxins that can have a lasting effect on fertility.

The lack of nutrients can also severely restrict fertility in both sexes and even lead to infertility. Male fertility has been falling significantly for years.

Sperm sample brings certainty

Male fertility can lead to infertility - total infertility. The exact cause of impaired or total fertility disorder in males is complex. It can be based on hormonal and enzymatic processes, which often interlock.

The complex processes do not always make a diagnosis easy. A semen sample can provide initial information. In a so-called spermiogram, the number of sperm cells per milliliter of seminal fluid, their mobility and their composition are examined.

It provides a statement about fertility. Often the man's inability to reproduce is due to a lack of high-quality sperm. If there are not enough sperm in the semen, if they are immobile or incorrectly shaped, then this can be the reason for the unfulfilled desire to have children.

Lack of nutrients

An unhealthy and unbalanced diet largely helps to reduce the fertility of both sexes. Often, a lack of necessary amino acids can be found, which are referred to as the basic building block of the body. They are able to form tissue and are essential for the formation of high quality sperm.

The amino acid L-arginine has a lasting effect on sperm quality. Often a low sperm count can be attributed to a lack of L-arginine. In addition, L-glutathione is also highly important for male fertility as it improves sperm quality. The lack of amino acids can often be remedied medically.

Other causes of infertility

An inconspicuous spermiogram does not provide the certainty that the man is fully capable of producing. If there is a disruption of sperm transport, not enough sperm reach the woman's ovary. An obstructive azoospermia describes a narrowed or completely closed sperm path.
Other causes of male fertility disorder:
• A disorder of the function of the epididymis
• Insufficient urinary bladder obstruction
• Be immunological sterility

Treatment of male infertility

If the cause of a missing wish for a child is found in the man, treatments can often lead to success. The disorders often go back to an early developmental disorder. However, modern medicine can offer promising therapies in many cases.

For example, hormonal imbalances can be resolved by replacing missing hormones or hormone therapy. A narrowing of the spermatic ducts can be treated and repaired surgically.

In about 30 percent of all cases, no cause of male infertility is known. When the diagnostic procedures are exhausted and no cause is found, the physicians speak of idiopathic infertility. In this case, methods such as artificial insemination can help.

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