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Go for a walk together, enjoy a romantic dinner and just chat 'about God and the world' late into the night without being constantly interrupted by the children.

Time-out from everyday life: Mom and dad also need a vacation

This is a dream for many couples with children. A few nice hours for two, a weekend without children? - These are wishes that can be fulfilled and are an enrichment for relationships.

Break from being parents - © Dmitriy Raykin / Adobe Stock
Break from being parents - © Dmitriy Raykin / Adobe Stock

The short break from being a parent

Being family is not always easy these days. The former role model, that the man works full-time and the woman stays at home with the children, can hardly be found anymore. Women increasingly want to promote their own careers and still look after their offspring.

In between there is a lot to do and a lot to talk about. The children don't need little attention either. It is understandable that the parents' nerves will eventually reach a limit. The desire for a little break, cozy evenings and relaxation is growing all the more.

'Change the wallpaper' from time to time

A break from everyday life can of course be realized in your own four walls. But most do not really find it relaxing when they make themselves comfortable on the couch and their eyes fall on the full laundry basket. On the desk there may be a pile of unfinished mail and on the cupboards lies the dust of the last four weeks.

A weekend without children in a quiet hotel is likely to bring something. If it is not financially possible to book a hotel room, there are alternatively also cheap guest houses and holiday apartments in quiet, rural areas.

Even an hour-long drive does not have to be planned. Because a break doesn't mean traveling to other countries. Only a spatial change that provides new perspectives and relaxation plays the decisive role.

Preparation: The accommodation of the children

Before the weekend can be booked, it is important to find accommodation for the youngsters. Families that have only one child can usually get this with grandma and grandpa without any problems. However, if you have two or more children, you might have problems finding suitable care.

If the grandparents are unable to supervise several children, the siblings, the sponsors or very good friends could possibly take over this task.

This is a little easier for older children. Because the budding youngsters are very happy when they have two days of rest in front of their parents and they can spend the night with their best friend.

After all, this is a good opportunity to calmly philosophize about the interesting things that affect today's youth and, of course, watch television until late at night.

Relaxing must be learned: do not screw expectations too high

If a suitable accommodation could be found for the children, the parents can start packing. In order to avoid stressful situations in the car, it is important to practice mutual respect and not to worry about small things.

Also, both should not make too big demands on their free weekend. The reason: from one day to the next, everyday life can not be easily suppressed. And so it does not succeed everyone to switch from time pressure and stress immediately to recovery and relaxation.

After all, it is not advisable to look at every attraction in a city or to attend any event. In the end, the parents would come back home exhausted than they already were before leaving. Instead, it should be the little things to enjoy now: sleep in, have a long breakfast, cuddle, relax in the sauna or go swimming, enjoy a walk through a forest, and end the wonderful day with wine and candles.

The relaxation and associated good conversations usually result on their own. Maybe even some everyday problems come up that are no longer as dramatic in conversation. Major problems are unlikely to be resolved within two days.

However, if you have found a starting point for discussion, the way there is at least smoothed. The most important thing, however, is to simply spend time with your partner again and realize how lucky you are to have this special person at your side.