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Escape the cold weather and lie by the sea in the warm beach and let your mind wander. Who does not dream of the most beautiful time the whole year.

The most beautiful holiday trips to the sea

If you can still drive or fly outside the holiday season, then you have some advantages. The beaches are not so crowded, the sun does not burn as hot as in the high season and the prices are many times lower.

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Where to go on vacation

If you have the opportunity to spend your vacation in the first months of the new year, then you should consider which vacation you prefer. To enjoy a normal beach holiday, you should fly a little further.

Egypt, Thailand or the Dominican Republic are very popular destinations. In the Canary Islands, Tenerife and Turkey you can expect about 20 degrees. During this time you will get very good offers.

In the months of April and May the Mediterranean is very beautiful. Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or even La Palma offer wonderful weather and it is not yet as hot as in the summer months. Mallorca wakes up in a lush fresh green and waits for the first guests.

In the spring you can enjoy beautiful landscapes in Greece and Turkey and the temperatures are still very pleasant.

In the main months, June, July and August, sun and sea reach their optimum climax. If you do not mind the heat, then these months are perfect for you.

The postseason from September, October and November ends the holiday season. If you are not dependent on the school holidays, then you can experience a splendid holiday at the European bathing destinations, especially in the postseason. Beautiful weather is guaranteed but most of the tourists have long been back home.

Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Greece and the Azores are often used as holiday destinations until October. The tourists are no longer everywhere to see and the beaches are not so much sought after. They can still swim in the sea until well into October, because the sun has warmed up. The hours of sunshine are less and it is no longer so hot at noon, as in the high season, but the beauty of the island shines all the more.

The most beautiful holiday trips to the mountains

Hiking, mountaineering, family vacation, cycling, wellness and much more - you want to do all of this when you decide to go on a vacation trip to the mountains.

The best place for wonderful, relaxing hikes are the Alps. Endless hiking trails in an enchanting nature offer unforgettable days. The offers for a hiking holiday in the mountains are very large, but also very different. You should decide according to your own preferences and taste.

If you are a summiteer, then you should take a closer look at the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner. For hikers, however, offers a glacier hike in Switzerland.

Think in advance, if you would like to climb the mountains not only by foot but also take a mountain bike or hire to pedal really. If that's too exhausting for you, you can just take a few walking sticks with you and even support yourself while you work your whole body.

Hiking holiday is really an active holiday and leaves nothing to be desired, if you are athletic. Before you start hiking, be sure to check out the terrain. This is sufficient in all resorts from Switzerland to Austria from really exhausting to moderate. Relevant hiker guides give a welcome help here.

Therefore: Look in advance what you want and can do for yourself and your fellow immigrants. Because only those who hike according to their sporting performance can really relax and enjoy nature. Walking properly means that you may sweat easily but should not get out of breath permanently.

If you have children with you, you should make sure that the hiking trails are varied. Because children love to discover nature. In doing so, they manage to travel 1,5 times their age in kilometers.

You can also use hiking as a nature trail. There is a lot to discover and ask - satisfy your children's curiosity.

But also for the evening entertainment or during a hiker day you can choose between many activities.

Hotels in the Alps have made significant improvements in the area of ​​“wellness” in recent years. If you really want to relax after a hard day in the mountains, you are often in good hands in the hotel's own wellness area. In addition to the sauna and jacuzzi, there are also massages and cosmetic treatments. Late in the evening you can relax with a glass of mulled wine in the mountain hut or hit the kettle at an after-ski party. No matter what you are planning, nothing to be desired is left unfulfilled.

The most beautiful vacation travel with children

Planning and spending a successful family vacation requires some thought and research. So that every family member can really have fun in your holiday, you should make some arrangements.

First of all, everyone should consider what the holiday destination should offer. Should it be the mountains or the sea? In any case, choose something that can do everyone justice.

Therefore, choose a holiday region that offers a wide range of offers outside the hotel or pension. In this way, the children but also the parents can act out different interests.

If you want to spend a nice holiday with your children, you should pay attention to child-friendly hotels when planning. Look consciously for hotels or guesthouses that describe themselves as child-friendly and also offer child-friendly entertainment and support. Accommodations that specialize in children offer highchairs, baby beds or have baby monitors.
A vacation with the whole family means first of all to finally have time and to spend this time with the family. The hustle and bustle of everyday life should simply be forgotten for the holiday season.

The school stress of the children and the constant work stress of the parents should be forgotten during the holiday season and the fun and the beautiful things of life thus come to the fore.

For the most beautiful vacation trips with children, there is also an active vacation. With varied days, you can offer every family member something nice: a musical visit, dog sledding, cycling tour with picnic or a visit to Disneyland, but also a day in the hotel with an entertainment program can be very nice. You can plan for a different family member every day and only do what everyone likes.

Active holidays do not just mean sports and exercise from morning to night, they also mean fun, fun and relaxation for every family member.

A family vacation trip with children should be a lasting memory that everyone likes to think back on.

The most beautiful holiday trips with the dog

For most dog owners, it is quite natural to take their four-legged friends on holiday. So that the most beautiful holiday trips with the dog are really stress-free and relaxing, you should make some preparations.

Before you even start planning your vacation, think carefully about what you can do with yourself and your pet. Long journeys stress your four-legged friend. If you plan to travel by plane and your companion weighs more than 10 kg, he must travel in the cargo hold.

When choosing the best accommodations, you have to choose a holiday home, holiday apartment, camping holiday, pension or hotel. The decision is not easy for you, given the large selection.

Pay particular attention to your selection on a dog-friendly equipment. An easy-care floor covering with stone tiles or laminate, instead of carpet, can save a lot of trouble. There should also be a place for your dog's run out.

However, before the trip can start, you should visit the veterinarian with your dog. Make sure all important check-ups have been made and all illnesses can be ruled out.

Let your veterinarian explain what is in a dog pharmacy, so you can help your animal immediately, even abroad.

If you have decided to go abroad for a holiday and you are a member of the EU, you will need a passport for your four-legged friend so that the dog can be registered.

Have you booked a beach vacation just because your dog is a water rat and can't hold it when he sees water? It is imperative that you take a few precautions when taking your dog on a beach holiday. Watch your animal in the water. Never let him go into the water with the dog harness or collar. This can be dangerous because he can tie himself up with his paws in the collar when swimming.

Swimming after eating is not only recommended for people, but also for our animals. Avoid a temperature shock, not only for yourself, but also for your animal. If it is too hot, the animal should slowly get used to the cooling water. The dog should slowly go into the water to prevent cardiovascular problems from occurring. Always make sure you have enough water and do not let your pet out in the blazing sun. Animals can also get sunburned or even heat shocked.

If all the necessary health conditions are met, then there is nothing to prevent a bathing pleasure.

Holidays over Christmas

Would you like to spend Christmas without all the stress and preparations and let yourself be pampered over the holidays?

You should definitely have tried it once. Experience Christmas away from home. Instead of cloudy, wet-cold weather only sun, sand and sea. The Christmas tree and the Christmas roast are exchanged for the beach feeling.

If you are not so open to the new, then take some things with you for Christmas abroad.

Most hotels, including abroad, prepare for Christmas and celebrate as is customary in their country. However, if you have decided on a holiday home or a holiday apartment, then the owner may not have prepared anything for you and your Christmas party.

Christmas, most Germans connect with snow and a delicious meal. The apartment or the house is wonderfully warm and comfortably decorated and the scent of home-baked cookies awakens the anticipation.

But how do Germans celebrate Christmas abroad? In warm temperatures, the sea is in front of the door and shines in the sunshine and the trees are full of leaves.

Santa doesn't come on his sleigh because there is no snow. If you want to spend your Christmas in Australia, prepare yourself for the sun. The Australian celebration outside on the meadow, in the forest or on the beach. Everyone is sitting around a campfire and singing Christmas carols. The gifts are not given until the morning of the next day when the friends appear for a big turkey picnic.

In Sweden, however, Christmas is celebrated very big. From the first advent to the 13. January is celebrated extensively. Christmas Eve is the 13 in Sweden. December. This day is honored as the longest night of the year.

The eldest daughter of each family is decorated with a wreath of light and dressed all in white. That's the Lucienbraut for a day.

In Greece, on December 24th, children walk through the streets with drums and bells and sing hymns of praise. In return they get small gifts. On the night of December 31st to January 01st, the children receive their presents from St. Vassiius in front of the bed. The family receives a cake with a gold coin. The family she finds in one piece is lucky all year round. Holidays over Christmas in foreign countries, getting to know other customs and traditions - a great experience for everyone.

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