Does time go by faster when you are older? children question

"Mom, does time go by faster at your age?" My daughter asked me the other day.

"Mom, does the time go by faster when you're older?"

"How do you feel about that?" - "Because you keep saying that the year is over again. I felt like it was endless until the advent season. "

Does time pass faster with old age?
Does time pass faster with old age?

I have to laugh and think back to that saying about the faster passing of time when you are older, which I often heard myself as a child.

I explain to my daughter that the time is of course ticking at the same speed for everyone, otherwise you would also need different clocks and calendars.

But the sense of time, that naturally changes with the years. Why time flies faster as you get older is very much related to emotions.

If you experience a lot and feel a lot, the time passes by slower. For older people, who have already seen and experienced almost everything in their lives, for whom nothing is new, time passes faster.

Children rediscover the world, many things are foreign to them. Amazement about life brings a lot of feeling with it. And strong feelings are stored very deeply. They ensure that our sense of time slows down.

The everyday life of adults is often characterized by uniformity. You do the same things every day, you experience little new things. Therefore, for us older people the time passes faster or we have the feeling that time is racing!

However, there is a bright spot: you can do something about it. Many ventures and now and then something unusual dare extends the sense of time. And from sixty, so they say, the sense of time is no longer steadily faster!

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