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Still far too many people crash in traffic. On the other hand, we want to raise our children to self-employment. But is that why we really so gladly let her go to school alone? Or the last meters to the kindergarten? Children are known to have a more limited field of vision than adults. But in addition to raising the awareness of motorists, even young children should learn safe behavior in traffic early on.

Traffic sign for coloring elementary school

Our free coloring pages traffic signs are ideal as a building block for traffic education in kindergarten or elementary school. Please also note our coloring pages for Safety in traffic.

Browse our free collection of traffic sign coloring pages in Germany. A click on the link opens the page with the respective color template traffic signs in traffic.

stop sign

Pay attention to right of way

Attention (danger spot)


construction site


Attention pedestrians

pedestrian crossing

one way street

Traffic calm area - game road

dead end

Bike path

side walk

Railroad Crossing

Attention pedestrians

speed limit

No passing

Right of way intersection

Pedestrians prohibited

Bicycles are prohibited


no-parking zone

Slippery road


Roundabout traffic sign for coloring

roundabout traffic

uneven driving lane

Motorway driveway / start

Priority oncoming traffic

priority road



cattle drive

Toad migration / amphibious migration

Traffic sign Attention rockfall

Attention rocks

Water protection area

Danger of slipping

Traffic sign warning cross wind

Attention cross wind

Traffic sign attention grit gravel

Grit gravel

Uferstrasse traffic sign

riverside road 

Traffic sign no entry

No entry

Passage prohibited traffic sign

do not pass

Traffic sign crossing / right before left


Traffic sign driving direction straight ahead

Straight ahead

There are so many traffic signs that we can hardly all draw. National, international and so rare traffic signs that no one will ever look for to paint.

But are you missing a certain road sign to color in? Then please contact us. We are happy to create another traffic sign coloring page, especially if it is for traffic education in kindergartens or elementary schools.

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