Destroy Viruses - Sink the Ships Alternative

The virus sink The rules are very easy and quick to explain: to play "Battlevirus" you need 2 players - or 2 groups like a parent and a child. We had the idea for a non-military variant of the ship sinking game for a long time.  

Viruses destroy rules of the game

You can play this game in the classic way like battleship, not online as many children know it nowadays. The result is a game that is wonderful to play with the family.

This game variant is suitable for smaller children because the playing area has been significantly reduced, the hit rate increases and the game speed increases immediately.

As the goal of the game, each player hides the virus from an opponent. To do this, he enters his own viruses on the left. The ruler of the opposing virus does exactly the same on his template.

On the right side, each player can mark hits and misses on each other's viruses. In terms of color or mostly with crosses for hits and circles as misses. The fields are guessed using the coordinates as a combination of numbers and letters. For example C7 ... and the opponent then says whether this was a hit or a mistake. And whether a virus was “sunk”.

The one who has completely hit all of the opponent's viruses wins.

Viruses destroy template

Clicking on the game template opens the Virus Sink form in pdf format:

Viruses sink template
Viruses sink template


Open template for viruses in large format as a graphic


Do you have any ideas for other games for which we can create templates? Then please contact us.

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