Build birdhouses yourself | Tinker with children

Self-built birdhouses are not only small pieces of jewelry in the garden, but they are also a collection point for all birds left at home who find food in it. But does nature ever need birdhouses?

Home-built birdhouses as trinkets for the wintry garden

Skeptics even consider them dangerous because they believe that these feeding aids for birds would counteract the natural selection of old and weak animals through cold winters. In addition, these feeders would increase the number of breeding birds in the spring, as the weak survive, and so the migratory birds no longer find nesting sites.

Coloring page bird feeder in winter
Coloring page bird feeder in winter

A self-made birdhouse is therefore a thorn in the eye of the critic. But are they even right?

Self-built birdhouses have their right to exist!

Anyone who builds a birdhouse and places it in the garden does not interfere negatively with nature. After all, the habitat of the birds is being further destroyed.

Incidentally, in the summer the cottage can quickly be turned into a potion and can stand still. A self-made bird house should also be made of suitable wood (for example, spruce) and of course be glued and nailed together so that the birds can not hurt themselves.

And respect for neighbor's cat! Of course, this must not be able to catch the animals.

Tips for building your own accommodations for the local bird life

Anyone who builds nesting boxes and birdhouses should prefer to treat the wood with linseed oil instead of chemicals. This also counteracts the mold infestation, but does not endanger the health of the animals. To make the house colorful, is no problem, but please pay attention to the color on safety.

On the Internet, there are great suggestions on how to make a birdhouse itself. One builds the feathered friends a knight's castle, the other a castle, and yet another likes it classic and simple.

The birds do not care, the main thing they find enough food in the snow. As mentioned above, the birdhouse can be made from spruce wood. Beech and fir wood are also suitable. You should refrain from self-built birdhouse on plywood and chipboard.

Watch the birdhouse with children

The self-made bird feeder is used briskly in winter and is the second television for many families. Children can learn a lot about the different bird species here: Who stays at home, what is a migratory bird? How is the male blackbird different from the female; and how do you recognize a great tit - and are there other tit species?

Who eats the most and above all, who comes at what hour? Are there any birds that drive others? The self-made birdhouse will not only become a feeding ground, but will also contribute to family fun, entertainment and learning.


Ultimately, it paves the way for a respectful approach to animals and nature. And kids can not learn that soon enough!

Here is room for opinions, criticism, suggestions or thanks :-)