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Of course, I can't deny that our TVs were on too much every now and then. You come home stressed out from work and really just want to put your feet up and relax. What's better than a cool movie or series?

TV viewing and the alternatives

When our daughter got to the age where she was no longer in bed at seven, but simply played longer in our living room, we noticed that she was fixating more and more on the television, which of course wasn't so good for us liked.

TV viewing and the alternatives
Watching TV and the Alternatives - Image by René Schindler on Pixabay

We quickly slowed this down by simply not turning on the television when she was still in the room in the evening.

At the same time, we looked for compromise solutions. It was clear to us that we could not completely ban television from their lives.

From elementary school

Meanwhile our daughter is of elementary school age and we have found a great solution for everyone to deal with the matter without leaving her too much in the dark. Of course, it is helpful that, thanks to today's options such as Netflix, Amzon Prime, etc., you no longer have to dictate the times when you have the television on.

When she comes home from school, she goes to her room and relaxes with a nice CD. It can be music, but it can also be a radio play. After school work we start preparing dinner (we have something warm in the evening).

When all of that is done, let's watch a short series together on one of the channels mentioned above. She is not necessarily only interested in children's series, but also likes to watch interesting documentaries, where you also learn something on the side.

Be a role model yourself

We make sure that the program goes on for a maximum of half an hour. With longer episodes we look in two parts. Thanks to Maxdome & Co., this is also pretty easy today.

After eating, people never watch TV anymore.

We usually sit longer at the dinner table and talk about the day or play something. The TV isn't really missed here.

Our own television behavior has also been drastically reduced as a result, because there are simply too many other ways to spend your day. When the weather is nice, the box stays completely off until our daughter is in bed. There are no complaints, neither from her nor from us. It is much more important to us to spend time together.

We’re curious to see whether we’ll be able to do this just as well with computers or cell phones, because these are slowly becoming topics that are becoming interesting for our daughter.

Computers and smartphones then come

The school is introducing computers and many of its classmates already have cell phones. But I am confident that there will be solutions here too that we can all live with.

And you?

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