Why do we get thirsty from the place? children question

Almost everyone has already noticed that children and adults eat from the spot or get thirsty.

Why do we get thirsty from the cookie?

The phenomenon always occurs around Christmas, no wonder, here have cookies, biscuits, specula and Co high season.

Usually, we tend to think that salty ones are thirsty, that's true, but if you look at what's thirsty, you get closer to the phenomenon of thirst for cookie food.

Our body has a certain composition of its smallest particles, such as sodium, potassium, chlorides, etc. Thirst is a reaction to a particle shift and is regulated by the kidneys and brain.

If the body can no longer compensate itself, the feeling of thirst will arise. Why you get thirsty from eating a cookie is therefore due to a shift in blood salts.

Those who bake with their children and know how many portions of dough migrate casually into their mouths can eat the phenomenon of cookies and be thirsty.

Of course, it is important not to quench your thirst with sweet sodas or juices, because that would not help the body in its particle shift. The best is mineral water or even an unsweetened tea. Why we get thirsty from cookie food can also be related to the sensory properties of the oral mucous membranes.

Too much sugar signals the body to dilute the sugar concentration. This is a highly sensitive process that works through neural pathways. Scientists suspect that both components contribute to the thirst for sweet things, but the phenomenon is not quite clear yet!

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