Why do we get hot from spicy food? children question

Why we get hot when we eat spicy dishes, and some even get a sweat, has several causes.

Why do we get hot with spicy food?

I never thought about it until my daughter asked me the typical child question:

Why do we get hot from spicy food?
Why do we get hot from spicy food?

Mama, why does Papa always sweat like that when yours Spaghetti all'arrabbiata eat?

Bingo! Of course, I read again and could tell my daughter that dad is by no means an isolated case. On the one hand, hot spices stimulate blood circulation, and certain substances in spices (for example, capsaicain in chilli) stimulate the metabolism and in this way also rev up the circulation.

This creates the feeling of warmth. Why we get hot eating spicy dishes, but has other reasons as well.

Pepper, for example, stimulates the release of happiness hormones with his piperine, we have the psychological feeling that we are literally warming our hearts. Spicy spices also stimulate the heat receptors in our body, but we also take that stimulus as heat.

But why we get hot when eating hot can also be a pseudo-reaction of the body: sharpness is often simply perceived as heat, to which the body reacts with sweating. The body temperature remains the same. There is no fever of overeating!

WWe are hot when eating hot spices shall, is now clear, but it should also be mentioned that spicy foods are often very healthy.

Garlic and horseradish have a disinfecting and strengthening effect on the immune system and ginger even has an anti-inflammatory effect!

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