What is art

Whistling sparrows know nothing of their soothing sound effect. Only when a perceiving person interprets the whistles as birdsong. Then we believe that birds sing and do so gladly and voluntarily for us. The beak sounds slip away from the flying animal as involuntary impulses.

Who says what art is?

The same is true of the question of what art is. To answer this question, it makes sense to focus on three central concepts: relationship - perception - culture.

Art lives when people come into contact with each other via a certain object. The thoughts and feelings released in this process lead to a common exchange orbit. A kind of thinking and feeling exchange arises.

What is art?
What is art? When does a painting become art?

A painting, a movie or an opera performance are not per se art. First, they are pure products. Only when at least one person - who is not directly involved in the development process - perceives them interpretively. Then an object becomes art.

At this moment of external perception, the product becomes the object of unbridled centrifugal forces outside of its 'cocoon of origin'. A force field of intellectual discussion develops beyond the perception and influence radius of the producers.

A work of art is devoid of any discretion through formalities and logic. Art lives on the pure human perception anarchy. What distinguishes market products from works of art is the respective motif from the beginning.

While everyday goods are brought to the sales markets under the motive of earmarking, an art object is not subject to any purpose. It requires the courage to be radically unsettled in its own certainties.

Art is not subject to any rational inhibition. It offers public spaces where people can live their anonymity. Without them having to feel the pain of social seclusion.

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