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The lioness is crouched in the undergrowth and looks after the zebras, who pluck the dry grass without worry. The predator jumps forward with a jerk and the hunt begins. You can see her muscular legs pushing off the floor with full force. We're talking about beauty. The lioness is a beautiful, magnificent animal.

What is beauty? Abstract!

On the other hand, beauty is also a colorful flower, so fragile and short-lived in its existence. Nevertheless, we enjoy their fragrance and their colorful flowers.

What is beauty?
What is beauty? © Photo_Ma / Adobe Stock

Both things have little in common, and yet we connect the word "beauty" with both. Why is that? Why do we designate both the dangerous and magnificent predator and the fragile and small flower beautifully?

Beauty is an abstract concept and is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore we perceive very different beings as beautiful. To be beautiful is an attitude to life and above all a feeling that is triggered by the sense of sight and eyes.

The principle of beauty in the eye of the beholder also counts the other way around.

In this sense, every person has a very personal beauty. One also speaks of inner beauty. This can be a smile, a seductive look or a certain gesture. Or all of these things at once. Everyone is beautiful. And everyone wants their beauty to be recognized.

No being beautiful without your own appreciation

In order to produce the personal and very intimate beauty, every woman and every man must first recognize and appreciate them in themselves. If a person shows himself to be beautiful, it triggers many feelings on other people.

The person appears attractive, graceful and elegant. It is this special charisma that turns a simple person into a beautiful person. We fall in love with someone's charm. We get on well with someone who has a likeable charisma. Or we smile at a stranger in the street because it triggers a warm feeling in us.

Beauty is in everyone

Everyone is beautiful. Every being is beautiful. In its own way, every picture and every situation has a personal and very individual beauty. To recognize them, to express them and even to live them is an art. An art that can only be learned through affinity and passion.

To be beautiful means to love yourself. And appreciating yourself and your fellow human beings gives charisma and a beautiful charisma.

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