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Men's opinions on female orgasm could hardly be more contradicting. On the one hand, you stand in front of the "Book with Seven Seals" and are also convinced that it is easy to bring women to their climax.

Female orgasm and its myths

After all, it has always been successful so far. The claim that women fake orgasm can at most be a rumor, which strangely enough persists. Or not? Unfortunately, no. Rather, the term “rumor” assumes that men can see orgasm in any case, and even more can hear it. This is the misconception that very few people want to abandon.

The female orgasm
The Female Orgasm - Enlightenment vs. Myths | © Pavel_A / Adobe Stock

The reactions of the female body to their own satisfaction are not only different from woman to woman; they also differ from time to time. To experience the real climax does not only mean to feel this irrepressible urge to shout out the feeling of happiness straight out loud. Moments in which the entire body freezes from head to toe let you feel an indescribable, overwhelming feeling.

A female orgasm gives breathtaking moments - in the truest sense of the word; the air stops completely. The head is free from all thoughts - the whole world consists of a single, basically very small area. But an incredibly unique experience is taking place here. An experience that is enjoyed to the full. The woman's eyes remain closed, no sound can be heard from her.

A man who is enjoying himself at the same time, and literally explodes, can hardly notice at the same time what is happening around him. However, it seems that most men assume that their counterpart would feel the same explosion at the same time.

Another option is considered by very few. Too bad, because they do not know what they miss everything. A small extension for this game could make sure to find a winner on both sides.

If the man wants an honest answer to the question that arises, the whole thing has to take place in a different way, as is unfortunately the case in many bedrooms. The spoken words “did you come?” Will certainly get a positive answer.

Better to lie to the man a little than to disappoint him immeasurably. Just as bad is the idea of ​​relying on the fact that you could clearly hear “I'm coming” and then proudly fall aside.

Pretending a groan as a female orgasm is not a problem for many. Even a false smile can be created if it serves to satisfy the partner. The eyes, on the other hand, always speak the truth. Desire is read in you before sex, later they radiate satisfaction.

Every man can take a few breaths after his orgasm - he certainly needs it. A big mistake is to signal “so, done”. A woman who knows she only has enough time until her partner takes a deep breath definitely doesn't enjoy sex. Your subconscious says, “Why drop it? - You don't know if it's worth it ”. That is why so many cannot enjoy their love life. They lack the prerequisites to be able to relax.

A prerequisite that is easier to meet than many think. The idea that too few have: A deep, slightly questioning look that, accompanied by light touch, says: "I can stop if you want, but I'm still there as long as you need me - just show me where and how" .

Especially couples who have been having sex together for many years now have a problem with that at first. Any woman who is completely unfamiliar with this behavior of her partner will certainly be reluctant to respond. She can not believe what she sees. But when she has become aware that she is literally in good hands, she will gladly accept the offer.

No big words are needed for this. The touches are slowly led to the point that still has desire - the look shows which movements satisfy the desire.

An orgasm together is not called at the same time, but rather during the same act. No matter what the moment. There is no such thing as "arriving too early". Reaching the climax one after the other is a very exciting experience. Everyone can enjoy their own orgasm and fully experience that of the other.

Many practices are perfect for consciously managing it in interesting ways in such a way that the partners are satisfied one after the other. Ignoring what others call taboo, finding what you like, and love life brings a whole new fulfillment.

Having sex is not a duty - sex is a desire. It needs to be followed up whenever possible. The orgasm is not a must, but a nice, additional sensation that liberates. Fulfillment means feeling the other's body very close to you. A closeness and warmth that cannot be felt so intensely in any other way. Expression of the words "I am firmly with you".


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