Christmas and Corona

I know, probably nobody can hear it anymore, but unfortunately Corona is on everyone's lips again or again. Especially now that we are close to Christmas time, it may reappear for many. And then we received this text from a reader that we would like to publish unchanged.

Christmas in "strange" times

You are probably wondering how you should do all of this. There are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children and maybe even more lovely people with whom you usually spend the party. But it looks like it won't be this year. There will definitely be many sad faces this year.

Christmas and Corona
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I too was wondering how it should go this year. After all, we are ten people. Our children are all grown up and have their own household, which is five households. Then there is my mother-in-law, the sixth household.

So it will have to be a bit different this year. We spent a long time worrying about what we were doing so that we could make it a bit Christmassy despite this difficult time and not have to mop up the rest of the year.

Well, we came up with the following idea:

This year Christmas will take place on the four Advent weekends and on Christmas itself. We want to have one of the children with a partner here every weekend and have a nice afternoon and / or evening. The proposal was very well received. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that we can make each couple their dream meal without another from the rather large group of people being dissatisfied because they don't eat something (the problem occurs every year). On the other hand, it's sometimes nice to just spend time with a child and their partner.

On the last weekend in November we will get the tree out of the cellar and prepare everything for Christmas. By the way, that's the advantage of an artificial tree. He'll stand for a whole month this year and won't lose a single needle.

All in all, everyone thought this was a great idea that might even be less stressful. Usually every year it is quite difficult to get us all together because we have four shift workers, which makes family reunions with everyone difficult. That is no longer applicable this year.

After we both “old people” were quite frustrated at first, we are now looking forward to December despite the current situation.

With this little story I would just like to pass this tip on to everyone who is looking forward to Christmas this year with horror. In this way, at least a little bit of contemplation can take hold even in this difficult time.

With this in mind, I wish everyone a wonderful Advent season and everyone stays healthy.

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