Christmas carols notes and lyrics

Christmas carols have a long tradition. The first have been attested since around the 14th century, but at that time were purely religious songs and only appeared in a liturgical context, i.e. in the church. The language was initially Latin. In the course of Martin Luther's idea of ​​holding church services in German and translating the Bible, church Christmas carols were also translated.

Christmas carols earlier and today

The tradition of singing Christmas carols at home with family and children, or in school and kindergarten, is not very old. Only from about the 18. Century sing in the family circle and only since the 19. Century knows one in Germany songs from other countries. Various new directions, which have long since broken away from the ecclesiastical context, continue to expand the repertoire to this day.

However, the most popular for singing with children are still the classics such as "soft trickles the snow" (even if this is not a classic Christmas carol).

In general, you can distinguish between songs that actually relate to Christmas Eve or day and Advent songs. Even songs that are generally suitable for winter, such as "snowflakes, white skirts" form a separate category.

For children are particularly suitable songs that deal with child-friendly topics. For which child does not like sledging ("jingle bells"), waits eagerly for Santa Claus ("Let's be happy and cheerful") and admires the Christmas tree ("O Tannenbaum")?

Of course, the baby Jesus also has a special attraction for children because it is just like a child. If your child knows the Christmas story, it will also better understand the corresponding songs. So every Christmas carol has its place in the Advent and winter time.

The anticipation of the big day is increased, the long wait structured. The songs bring the focus back to the essence of all the excitement and Christmas stress: the origins of Christmas, the get-together and the joy that plays a big role, especially in children.

Singing and making music together and around Christmas creates a beautiful, very special and unique atmosphere. Not only children of all ages enjoy it. The more often the songs are repeated or heard during this time, the better the text sits. If you can play an instrument, you can play an accompaniment. And a little tip before now the notes come: who the self-tinkering of Christmas cards is too time-intensive, can quickly and easily create online Christmas cards Card Paradise.

Christmas carols notes and lyrics

Clicking on a link opens the page with the respective notes and the text:

Alle Jahre wieder

The lights are burning on the Christmas tree

Merry Christmas everywhere

Come ye Ye Children

Jingle Bells

Come on, shepherds

Santa Claus is coming tomorrow

O you happy

O Christmas Tree

Snowflake whitedress

Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht

Sweeter the bells never sound

We wish you a Merry Christmas


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