Wellness with homemade bath balls

What could be nicer to care for your skin and caress your soul than a luxurious bath to relax? Noble ingredients and a lovingly decorated ambience make the domestic bath culture a wonderfully relaxing oasis in tiring everyday life. And that is why bath balls as precious gifts for delicious bathing pleasures are always a fantastic gift idea.

Give away homemade bath balls for pure wellness

Homemade bath balls
Homemade bath balls - © Alliance / Adobe Stock

Especially if they come from our own production. And if you don't see the breathtakingly attractive result, how amazingly inexpensive the imaginative in-house production was.

The shower powder was godfather

Bathing balls literally turn into a sparkling, sparkling pleasure when, in addition to beguiling scents and valuable care essences, they also give you sparkling small and large bubbles in your bath water.

The trick behind the healthy Blubber kick is quite simple carbonation. So exactly the same stuff that made the sparkling champagne dreams or the ticklishly titillated effervescent powder in the mouth. The proud head of foam on a fresh draft beer also owes its existence cleverly used carbonic acid. Of course, the good old sparkling water in this tangy context should not be forgotten.

If you still have your chemistry classroom ready, you will remember that carbonic acid is always created when the right mixture of soda and crystalline citric acid comes into contact with water.

The good thing: Both baking soda and citric acid are common baking ingredients that can be bought in the necessary quantities in almost every well-stocked grocery store without any problems. And those who regularly fight their heartburn effectively with soda water should already have a substantial supply of soda at home.

It's all in the mix with the bath balls

For three large or four small bath balls you need about 200 grams of soda powder, 100 grams of citric acid powder, 50 grams of corn starch, between 30 to 50 grams of virgin olive oil (or another high-quality "skin care fat"), 15 drops of pure essential oil to taste Fragrance oil and no perfume oil!), Food coloring and a lot of imagination.

All powders and corn starch are carefully mixed together. Now the olive oil is added and everything is kneaded together well. The mass that is now created should feel comfortable and smooth.

If the dough becomes too oily, you can make up for it with a little more cornstarch. And if the mass seems too crumbly, there is an extra splash of oil.

When everything is mixed in the desired texture and balance, color and fragrance come into play. This is followed by decorative inserts suitable for bathing. These can be tea leaves, but also dried petals (very important: from unsprayed flowers!), Small pieces of dried fruit, cloves or other nice surprises.

Now you just have to knead the whole thing in a spherical shape, preferably the way you would shape dumplings by hand. And you're ready to enjoy, the irresistibly fragrant bath balls.

Experimentation desired

Once you get into productive bathing ball fever, the joy of discovering new variations will soon no longer know any limits. After all, instead of good olive oil, you can also use sweet almond oil and avocado oil, but also cocoa butter or coconut fat (the cheapest of all variants).

And as far as the scents are concerned, the finished bath ball can also be decorated with your favorite perfume. Leaky tub splashers even use melted chocolate instead of fat. Or sweet honey. Almost anything that cares and is fun is allowed here.

Now, the small Wellnes little bombs have to be packaged nicely before they are left as a fragrance gift to water. However, those who do not want to part with their seductive creations can of course save on the packaging. And instead turn on the hot water tap on your own bathtub in anticipation of excitement.

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