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School knowledge and general knowledge are such a thing. Sometimes you get asked really simple questions and then embarrassingly don't know the answer. Our world map with all countries of the world should help you.

World map - All countries in the world

Which countries belong to Europe? Where does Asia start? You talk and read so much about the globalization of the world and at the same time find it extremely difficult to geographically assign a large number of countries. We want to help with this political map.

Click on the image to enlarge the world map | © ii-graphics / Adobe Stock

World map - Political map of all countries in the world
World map- countries of the world - © ii-graphics / Adobe Stock

More world maps

A click on the maps opens the selected map of the world in large format in a separate window:

World map for coloring
World map large format 7.800 x 4.200 px

World map for coloring and designing yourself
World map for smaller children
World map of continents to design yourself - 30.000 x 16.143 px, jpg file, 9,6 MB

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