Household tools

In every household there are always smaller or larger jobs that can be done by yourself with little effort without having to order a professional craftsman. But for that you always need certain tools for the household.

The most important tools for the household

We will clarify further down in the text whether it always has to be electric. And whether a woman or a man really needs to have every imaginable tool at home, just because something could be repaired, we prefer to leave that to each individual.

Household tools
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But for example, for screwing together a new shoe rack, hanging up lamps and pictures or maybe even replacing sockets - to name just a few of the many possibilities - you will need tools for the household every now and then.

In order to save the costs for the craftsman, it is very advantageous if a well-stocked tool case with a certain basic set of tools is available in your own household.

In this way, many smaller jobs that do not require great manual skills can be done by yourself at any time. You save money, gain self-confidence when it works and maybe increase the challenge next time.

These tools should not be missing in any household

  • Hammer - A hammer is essential to a tool kit for the household. A nail can quickly be knocked into the wall or a board removed from a shelf.
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver - These are available in different sizes as a slotted or cross version. Since there are always different sizes and types of screws, the screwdrivers should be available in multiple versions. If necessary, with various plug-in attachments.
  • Screw and Allen key - Many things and materials are held together by specific bolts or hexagonal nuts. That is why a set of wrenches and a bunch of Allen keys should not be missing from the range.
  • Phases or voltage tester - Whenever you come into contact with power lines or sockets, you should work with a phase or voltage tester.
  • Folding rule or tape measure - still affectionately called a folding rule by many. For most work or repairs something has to be measured. A yardstick is the standard and very handy. The advantage of a roll-up tape measure is flexibility. And it is easier to store with it.
  • Cuttermesser - Often called also carpet knife. The blades are interchangeable and can be retracted. These knives are needed, for example, to open packages or to disconnect cables and adhesive tapes.
  • Small spirit level - When attaching pictures or shelves, you should pay attention to a straight angle. A spirit level ensures that you do not have to rely on your judgment.
  • Pliers - Also different types of pliers are needed again and again. The tool box should contain a gripper, a pipe wrench and a combination pliers.

Power Tools - Helpful or Needless?

For the standard basic equipment “tools for the household”, electrically operated tools are not absolutely necessary, but can still be very helpful. It is not uncommon to find classic devices such as a drill, a cordless screwdriver or a jigsaw in households.

These devices can make work to be done extremely easier. For example, fastening the many screws on a new shelf can take a lot of effort. However, the battery may then have to be charged.

For attaching lamps or shelves to the walls, a power drill is essential. However, since such work does not occur regularly, it does not always make sense to buy a corresponding device immediately. Often you can borrow these machines from a hardware store or from a friend.

Important for children in the household - the optimal storage location

When small children are in the home, it is very important to store the tools in one place, so that they are not accessible to the little ones. Especially children are very interested in tool utensils, especially if it is something new for them. You do not have to mention that it can lead to serious injuries.

A drawer or a compartment on a lockable shelf can be suitable as a storage location. The ideal place, however, is a real tool case. Here you can sort all equipment and lock it securely. All utensils are thus housed in one place and you immediately know where to reach when certain work has to be done. Furthermore, you have the advantage of being able to easily transport all tools to different locations.

For a new purchase: Tool case empty or equipped?

When purchasing a new one, you are faced with the question of whether you should buy a case that is already equipped with tools or an empty tool case and buy the required tools individually. The “empty” variant speaks for itself if you already have individual tools and only want to buy a few additional parts. In addition, you can determine yourself which equipment should be available in the household and which one is not really needed.

Nevertheless, purchasing an equipped tool case is very practical. Thus, you get a complete set of basic equipment in which all tools in the case are precisely arranged and neatly sorted. The price for this is also usually cheaper, since offers are very often available for complete tool ranges. If you want to enjoy your tools for a long time, you should pay attention to good quality and instead pick up one or two euros more.

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