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Weather sensitivity is a widespread phenomenon, at home and also on vacation. Many can certainly sing a song about it: sunshine and summer temperatures outdoors ensure a good mood and enterprising spirit. You feel like you can tear out trees. Sudden changes in the weather, a 7-day rainy weather and cold, on the other hand, ensure that the mood sinks very quickly to zero. One would prefer to crawl away in a warm and cozy home. Everything just imagination?

Weather sensitivity: When the weather makes you sick

Weather sensitivity can be found in around a third of the world's population. Women are affected about three times as often as men. Especially people with cardiac and circulatory problems, asthmatics or older men and women suffer from it. Weather sensitivity is the ability to influence general well-being, performance and mood.

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Weather sensitivity - when the weather makes us sick

Experts have found that weather phenomena, such as suddenly changing fluctuations in air pressure, humidity or temperatures, but also a hair dryer, degree of cloudiness or UV and ozone pollution can often make life difficult for weather-sensitive people. It was also concluded that so-called “sferics” (impulsive occurrence of electromagnetic fields that cause changes in the atmosphere) have an impact on humans.

The most common symptoms of weather-sensitive people are headaches, migraines, inner restlessness, circulatory problems, irritability, aggression and poor concentration. Additional risk factors include stress, overweight or excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption. In any case, the fact that weather sensitivity is not imaginary!

Tips against weather sensitivity

Even if it may sound a bit absurd, the best way to help the body counteract weather sensitivity is to toughen it up. There are several ways to do this: Alternate showers in the morning get your circulation going. Visits to the sauna get your metabolism and blood flow going (consult a doctor beforehand if you have circulatory problems).

No matter how bleak the weather is: go for daily walks outdoors. Exercising in the fresh air is the best way to get your circulation and blood pressure up and running!

You are also doing something good for your immune system. Nutrition also plays an important role for weather-sensitive people. Pay particular attention to a balanced, light diet in the evening. Even liquids in the form of water or unsweetened teas, such as hawthorn tea, prevent sensitivity to the weather. Lavender, sage or passion flower teas have a calming and balancing effect. Alcohol should be avoided, especially in the evening.

In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft

Provide enough relaxing moments in your life. Yoga or autogenic training have a relaxing effect on body and mind and thus help to escape the hectic everyday life. A full bath with additives from chamomile, rosemary, lavender or hay flowers works many a miracle. Keeping a weather sensitivity diary can also be very helpful. Here it is noted how the body reacts to certain weather conditions and which countermeasures are helpful.


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