How do stripes get into the toothpaste | children question

"How come the stripes in the toothpaste?" Completely fascinated my daughter stares at the toothpaste on her toothbrush.

Mom, how do the stripes get into the toothpaste?

Of course, this looks like always, but only today my daughter noticed that it is actually an impossibility to press five such accurate strips from a tube.

Teeth cleaning - caries Bacteria for coloring for childrenI think for a moment and remember a well-known children's program that my elders once saw. It explained exactly how the strips get into the toothpaste.

I explain to my youngest daughter that a tube is always filled first, from the top. This means the tube is open at the end. Now comes first the colored paste (usually it is the same as the white, only just dyed) in the tube, so that colored mass is now sitting directly at the tube exit. Then the white paste is filled in and the tube is closed mechanically.

Of course, in such a tube is much more white pasta than red or green! "But how come the stripes into the toothpaste?" My daughter asked impatiently.

The secret of the stripes in the toothpaste is due to the tube outlet. Here there is a tube, which leads relatively far, up to two centimeters, into the tube interior. The pressure on the tube now only white paste is pressed through the tube.

The tube has in the immediate vicinity of the tube exit, however, more openings (usually there are five), from which at the very end the colored mass, which is indeed only at the exit, is pressed to it. This creates the beautiful even stripes in the toothpaste.

Anyone who has ever wondered how much toothpaste in a tube is: If you squeezed a whole tube, you would have a toothpaste sausage of about 2 meter eighty.

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