Learn to Draw - How to Draw ...

How do you paint a cat, a dog, a unicorn? Others can draw so well, but I do not know how to do that. Learn how to draw for children - with the following step by step instructions to learn how to draw your child and you.

Learn to draw for children - how to draw ...

Here are simple instructions for getting started drawing. We recommend to start the drawings with a pencil, as some strokes must be removed again. Click on the link to open the respective page with the instructions.

Learn how to draw - how to draw a mouse

Draw a mouse

Learning to Draw for Kids - Drawing a Cat

Learning to draw a cat

Learning to draw for children - dog

Draw dogs 

Drawing for Kids - Drawing a House

Draw house yourself

Learning to draw for children - chicken

How to draw a chicken?

How to draw an elephant for children

Learn how to draw an elephant

How to Paint a Bat - Template Instructions

Drawing bat

How to draw a fish for children

Draw a fish

How to draw a shark

Draw a shark

Template lion draw instructions


How to draw a sheep's guide


Painting a tiger - instructions for children


How to draw a hot air balloon

How to draw a hot air balloon

How to draw a snowman

How to draw a snowman

Learn to draw for advanced learners

The following templates for drawing are more suitable for older children or adults:

Dog sign

Drawing a cat

How to paint a unicorn

How to draw a rose

How to draw a duck

Draw dogs


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to offer you instructions for a motif of your choice. We can also try to create a coloring page for a motif of your choice.

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