How do whales sleep - children's question

"Mama, how do whales sleep without stifling? They have to take a breath! "

Mom, how do whales sleep without choking?

Good question. Unfortunately, I don't know either, and I turn to Google for advice. Whales are mammals.

How do whales sleep?
How do whales sleep?

Of course, they have no gills and therefore have to take a breath. And this breathing does not happen unconsciously as it does with us humans.

Some whale species can hold their breath for up to ninety minutes, others only manage forty minutes. How whales sleep without suffocating is, of course, a pretty interesting question.

Google teaches me that you have watched the sleep patterns of whales from their small kin, the dolphins. How whales sleep without suffocating can be deduced from these investigations, but it is not quite clear.

Dolphins and orcas always sleep with half of their brains. The other stays awake and ensures that the animals catch their breath in time - in their sleep. One speaks of half-brain sleep. Interestingly enough, one eye remains open, which is opposite to the active brain half. So dolphins are just safe from enemies.

As mentioned above, it is not entirely clear how whales sleep without suffocating. Sperm whales are known to never sleep more than ninety minutes. But like people, deep and firm, with both halves of the brain. But it is not known whether all whales sleep this way without suffocating.

Some researchers suspect that whales also partially fall into half-brain sleep. Unfortunately, I can't answer this question to my daughter one hundred percent, but we still learned something!