How do ventriloquists speak? children question

"Mama, how do ventriloquists speak?" My daughter asked, trying to push the lute deep up out of her stomach, which, to be honest, sounds a bit like being sick.

Mom, how do ventriloquists speak?

Like ventriloquists I always wanted to know.

So my daughter's question does not mean anything to me and I finally have reason to inform myself about it. I learn that ventriloquists do not speak with the belly, but their words as we do with the larynx, mouth, and pharynx.

The trick is not to move your lips. And that's just a matter of practice. However, there are a few small hurdles for beginners.

If you listen carefully, you realize that ventriloquists avoid certain letters when they speak. These include, above all, those that are formed with the lips. P, b, m, f, w and v are currently being avoided by beginners.

Experienced ventriloquists speak the sounds by forming them with their tongues. But this requires much practice, especially in front of the mirror, and sometimes a distraction maneuver of the audience with the ventriloquist doll!

Those who are not quite as professional as Sascha Grammel, for example, are best at writing their lyrics so that they do not have lipstick and are looking for synonyms for these words. In any case, my daughter and I now know what is behind the art of speaking like a ventriloquist.

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