How do bees make beeswax - children's question

Mom, how can bees actually make beeswax? Making beeswax is a complicated process, at least as far as the age of the bees is concerned.

Making beeswax - only construction bees can do that

Only workers, who at the time were also called construction bees, The beautiful hexagonal honeycomb structure made of beeswax. Then they become a guard bee on the building and later they can collect nectar for the popular honey. Everything is organized strictly with the honeybees.

How do bees make beeswax?
How do bees make beeswax?

Incidentally, such a bee life is over even after a few weeks. That's why the time to make beeswax is so tight. In the Middle Ages, beeswax was valuable and so precious that only churches or nobles could afford it - even then it was used for torches and candles!

How do bees make beeswax?

To make beeswax, the bee has to increase its fat metabolism. Rough amounts of sugar are required for this, which naturally goes to the animal's food supply. It is estimated that bees need to consume the amount of nectar that would normally have been enough for ten kilos of honey to produce one kilo of beeswax.

Therefore, the beeswax production of construction bees takes place at the exact time when there is a large food supply, namely from April to July. The beeswax is created in the glands of the posterior abdominal scales, of which bees have four on each side. These glands are connected to the fat body of the bee, which in turn provides the long-chain fatty acids that are essential for the production of the honeycomb.

The crystalline, very fragile and translucent plates that are created in this way are taken up and kneaded by the bee's mouth tools. The mass is soft and buildable through the bee saliva.

Interesting: Over a million tiles are needed for a kilo of wax. The color of the wax also depends on the pollen!

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