How many stars are there? children question

"Mum, how many stars are there in the sky?" When asked by my daughter I immediately hear the children's song Do you know how many stars stand? on.

How many stars are there?

In the past as well as today, people are already preoccupied with this question. Today we know that the Milky Way alone already has billions of stars in 200. However, only six thousand of them are visible without a telescope.

Coloring picture star watchingMom, do you know how many stars there are, so would have to say: How many stars can you see in a particularly favorable case from Earth?

Of the six thousand, one sees from a fixed point of view only three thousand. How many stars there is, therefore, is drastically different from the number of stars actually perceptible.

How many stars are there that we can see with the naked eye? The number of stars seen depends on the lighting conditions. Light pollution is the phenomenon that makes the stars barely perceptible in big cities today.

So if you are out to become a star counter, you must go to seclusion. The Wasserkuppe in the Rhön is the place from which you can see the most stars.

How many stars are there, which shine particularly bright and thereby stand out? The luminosity of a star is indicated by mag (magnitudes), and the lower this value is, the brighter the star appears to us. We have just fifty stars that shine brighter than 2.

One of them is the Polarstern. Sirius trumps this, however. He is with 1,46 the brightest star after the sun, whose mag is in the minus range. Interestingly, children see more stars than adults.

How many stars there are that are visible, so is also the age. Children can see better with their even bigger pupils!

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