Where does the snow come from? children question

"Mama, where does the snow come from?" Hm ... and this question at almost 40 degree heat.

Where does the snow come from?

No wonder, really, we could all use such a heavenly cooling off now in summer. I roll onto my stomach on my towel and secretly type on my cell phone:

Where does snow actually come from?
Where does snow actually come from?

Where does snow come from? After a short fly over of various articles I am smarter or rather I know how to explain it to my daughter best.

I tell her about the atmosphere that surrounds our earth like a shell. It must be cold and humid so it can snow. Water freezes on tiny dust particles and thus creates an ice crystal. Where does snow come from - of course from the sky. But how is it going now?

Where the snow comes from, or why it eventually starts to snow, is because ice crystals connect with each other. Slowly but surely a snowflake grows up. If it gets too heavy, it will fall to earth as snow. But only if it's cold enough. Then she stays lying.

Each snowflake looks different, due to the hexagonal ice crystals that reconnect with each other to create a tremendous variety of shapes.

"Where the snow comes from, I've got it!" Says my daughter contentedly. "But why can not he be purple?" I tell her that snow in itself has no color. But the sunlight, even when you often see it through the clouds, is reflected by the crystals - and that's just white. That's a pity!

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