Time for two - parents but also partners

It doesn't always have to be the television and the fight over the programs that determine the evening. There are great things that you can do together after a long day at work. Excitement or relaxation, the facets of leisure activities in the evening, on weekends and on public holidays are varied, stimulating and weld together.

Culinary delights at home

Do you feel like eating, but not cooking yourself, serving a pizza and going out to eat? A rental cook helps. A rental chef conjures up a multi-course menu in the home kitchen. You discuss with him the desired dishes, starters, main courses and desserts and a suitable date.

Time for Two - Image by Werner Heiber on Pixabay

The rental chef buys everything and also brings his utensils with him if they are not available in the household. He prepares the dishes in the kitchen and serves them in style at the nicely laid table that he has prepared. The rental chef removes the empty plates after the courses, refills wine or other drinks and also tidies the kitchen again. It disappears without a trace after the work is done.

You enjoy and indulge in delicious pleasures, maybe even with dishes that you cannot prepare yourself or that require a large and lengthy effort. You finally have time to chat in peace or just look deep in the eyes and enjoy the hours together.

In practically every city there are these rental chefs who, by the way, also come home for larger parties and business lunches for the appropriate ambience and culinary delights.

Dangerous ventures

Activities with a bit of a thrill weld together. This does not mean life-threatening things, but adventures where you have to rely on each other. A climbing party in a climbing hall can be such an adventure or a visit to a climbing forest.

Many zoos offer private tours after the official visitor hours. Here you can show your courage: The animals are visited in their stables and some willingly let themselves be touched. When such a rhinoceros stands in front of you in its full size, it is very formidable. You are not afraid of large animals if you feel the animal's skin hand in hand. Photos (taken without flash) remind us of these shared experiences. Ostrich farms, farms with llamas and alpacas also offer intimate encounters with exotic animals.

There are great offers for fans of motorized vehicles. You can show your skills in rough terrain with a rented jeep or quad. Protective clothing for the body and helmets are also provided for off-road trips with a motorcycle. With the right driver's license and often without, as you drive on private property, and a brief introduction to the technology, you can start.

With such undertakings, one should make sure that they are new to both of them so that nobody gets bored and in a bad mood.

Fun time for two

Theater, cabaret and other stages play in the evenings and on weekends in the afternoon. Seeing the actors and comedians live at work gives a great impression of their achievements and opens up a new world in contrast to the cinema.

Concerts from classical, rock, pop and other branches of music ensure relaxing hours in another world. Musicals, operas and operettas carry you away with beautiful costumes, stories and voices into the world of numerous stories of love and happiness, longing and desire. Variety shows and circuses offer breathtaking artistry and acrobatics.

The erotic shows by burlesque dancers delight men and women alike. Sports events are good for a few hours of excitement and excitement. It doesn't always have to be football.

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