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Are you as old as you feel? It depends a lot on the form of the day. In any case, the topic of age is omnipresent. Reason enough not to look around for beautiful quotes and sayings on the subject of aging.

Quotes, sayings and wisdom about getting old and getting old

Quotes about ages

Browse through our collection of the most beautiful quotes and wisdom about old age and growing old:

  • Age does not always bring wisdom. Sometimes it comes alone. Mark Twain
  • Aging is an inevitable physiological change in the organism with a progressive loss of adaptability. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
  • Getting old is just increasing tiredness before bed. Theresa Keiter
  • I am still quite young from the outside, on the inside I am very old. Peter Rosegger
  • Age has the most to tell, but how few want to hear and take it to heart! Theodor Toeche-Mittler
  • Age often makes you grumpy, bleak, hard-hearted and unfair to others. Wilhelm Ludwig Wekhrlin
  • Age draws even more wrinkles in our minds than in our faces. Michel de
  • Montaigne
    Age, the moonlight of life, has no thunder of passions; but they flash under the earlier sunshine. Jean Paul
  • The secret of getting old right is in one sentence: Time is only gentle with those who are gentle with time. Anatole France
  • The worst evil is leaving the throng of the living before you die. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The rising flight of thought of the youth turns into a quiet circle in the heights gained in old age. August Pauly

    • The spirit of the gray hair speaks from you. Friedrich Schiller
    • Young people are often accused of always believing that the world is just beginning. True. But old age still believes that the world ends with it. What is worse? Friedrich Hebbel
    • The young vine gives more grapes, the old one gives better wine. Francis Bacon
    • Today's youth is horrible. She doesn't have the slightest respect for colored hair. Oscar Wilde
    • Most people use their youth to ruin their ages. Jean de la Bruyère
    • Most people who get old early have always been. There are old-age children, like there are children's souls in old people. Carl Ludwig Schleich
    • Science rejuvenates the soul and reduces the bitterness of aging. Therefore, collect wisdom like sweet food for old age. Leonardo da Vinci
    • An old tree has deep roots and doesn't run over the pile. Caesar Flaischlen
    • A convalescent old man: you will be granted the opportunity to look around again on your way out of the world. Friedrich Hebbel
    • Does man only exist for a certain period of life? Is childhood just an overture, age just an epilogue? Hedwig Dohm
    • I have some resemblance to the wind vanes, which are only fixed when they are rusty. Voltaire
    • It is better to prevent accidents in old age and to endure them in adolescence. Arthur Schopenhauer

In youth we lack the vessels to draw; we have them in old age, but the current has dried up. Johann Jakob Mohr

  • We recognize the boy in noisy games, the mature man in busy activity and the old man in weak gossip. John William Draper
  • The older we get, the better known the world is to us; but we no longer have the strength to pull it towards us, and so it is further from us than before. Johann Jakob Mohr
  • The older we get, the more things that seem the least obvious to us seem to be self-evident. Peter Sirius
  • Any age can make good use of life, but you only know the possibilities if you have lived through that age. Sully Prudhomme
  • Young people are how nature made them; the old men are processed by the often clumsy hand in the area. Edmond About
  • Everything wants to live long, but nobody wants to grow old. Johann Nepomuk Nestroy
  • We must not treat living creatures like shoes, pots and pans that we throw away when they are worn out and worn out. Plutarch of Chäronea
  • You have to cut yourself a stick in the youth so that you can tackle it in old age. Confucius
  • Much of what we blew in the youth comes later as a storm over us. Peter Sirius
  • With age, judgment increases and genius decreases. Immanuel Kant
  • Age is not the problem, but our attitude towards it. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • It is not the young man who is happy to be praised, but the old man who has lived well. Epicurus of Samos
  • You are not old when you no longer do youthful follies, but when you no longer forgive them. Peter Sirius
  • Nothing ages faster than the thought that you are getting older. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
  • Nothing more contemptible than a roaring young man's head with gray hair. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
  • Nobody loves life like someone who grows old. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • Talk about the modern without contempt and the old without idolatry. Philip Stanhope
  • Even a scholar could not write a long-winded treatise on the joys of old age. Otto White
  • Under the snow load of our age, the evergreen greens with a clear conscience, sprouts the snowdrop, the messenger of eternal spring. Wolfgang Menzel
  • Don't mess up the finale of your life! Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
    Age has to beware of nothing more than surrendering to nonchalance and inactivity. Marcus Tullius Cicero

What refreshed us in youth, we have to drag ourselves with it in old age. Johann Jakob Mohr

  • When we grow old, we start to argue, we want to be smart, and yet we are the greatest fools. Martin Luther
  • But whoever does not carry the opportunity for a good and happy life within themselves is difficult for all ages. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Worthless, unsocial, weak, joyless comes the old age, the union of all evils. Sophocles
  • We get old when the memory starts to please us, we get old when it hurts us. Peter Sirius
  • Are you getting smoother and better as age approaches? Horace

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