Quotes erotic and sensuality

Finding beautiful quotes about eroticism and sensuality was more difficult than we thought. But also due to our omission of clear sexual terms or regulars' sayings, a considerable number of quotes and wisdoms about eroticism have come together.

Quotes about eroticism and sensuality

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  • Quotes about eroticism
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    All lust for love lies in change. Molière

  • It is the erotic that permeates the carpet of life with the colorful, laughing and sombre tragic colors. Elisabeth Dauthendey
  • The sensual is innocent where there is no conflict with duties. Friedrich Theodor von Vischer
  • The sensual frenzy is for love, what sleep is for life. Novalis
  • The women do not attach great importance to the virginity of the man. They have neither desire nor talent to raise princes. The man has to take care of erotic culture himself. The woman reveals her last secrets only to the knower. Carl Hagemann
  • The sensual pleasure is a huge bait. Plato
  • Sensuality is always related to our fears. Henri Stendhal
  • Sensuality is often the mother of love, but more often her executioner. Paolo Mantegazza
  • Sin has turned sensuality into sin. Søren Kierkegaard
  • Eroticism is overcoming obstacles. The most tempting and popular obstacle is morality. Karl Kraus
  • Eroticism relates to sexuality like gain to loss. Karl Kraus
  • There is a level of sensuality that knows no individuals, only specimens: Peter Sirius
  • There is no erotic relationship in which lovers do not always feel the truth and do not always believe every lie. Arthur Schnitzler
  • It has been shown a thousand times that eroticism alone cannot sustain a relationship between man and woman: nevertheless they try again and again. Otto Pfleiderer
  • It is not the worst experience in which one has seduced the women solely by looks and possessed them with looks. Carl Hagemann
  • Rough sensuality is a cloudy puddle that you cannot step into without getting dirty; healthy sensuality, on the other hand, a secretive forest spring, in which the surrounding nature is reflected, and which you can refresh after a short bath and leave good things again. Ernst Schalk

I know that unbuttoning a blouse is one of those terrible moments that leaves the imagination free to play, but then confronts the expected with what is seen. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

  • There are also metaphors in the erotic language. The illiterate calls them perversities. He detests the poet. Karl Kraus
  • To connect the concept of eroticism with the naked body is about as intelligent as thinking about food with the mouth. Kurt Tucholsky
  • I have never seen one who was more devoted to virtue than sensuality. Confucius
  • Whether a man and a woman fit together erotically is not based on a reasonable understanding, but on a related musical instinct. One cannot agree on love on the way of the mind. Peter Nansen
  • Without all sensuality there can be no love. August von Platen-Hallermünde
  • Sexuality is the gifting wealth of the stream, eroticism the enticing romance of white water. Alois Essigmann
  • Sensual pleasures, moderately enjoyed, are also granted to the old man. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Reason does not prohibit sensuality. Heinrich Heine
  • Where sensuality borders on reason, it is certainly always beautiful. Johann Gottfried Seume

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