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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - born at the 15.10.1844 in Röcken, died at the 25.8.1900 in Weimar - is an important German philosopher whose works gained world fame.

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes

His texts have always been critical of religion, morality and society.  Browse through our collection of quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche:

  • Education is the immortality of the noblest spirits.
  • For man to have respect for himself, he must be capable of becoming evil too.
  • It is the heart that inspires, and it is the spirit that makes you courageous and cold in danger.
  • That which is best developed in man is his will to power.
  • But the fact that one can only thrive among like-minded people, equals, is my belief.
  • The Germans - they were once called the People of the Thinkers: Do they still think today?
  • Stupidity and villainy are growing: this is part of "progress".
  • The distance does not inhibit the soul's constant connection.
  • The biggest errors in a person's judgment are made by his parents.
  • Love is the state where man sees things the most they are not.
  • The seducers of the philosophers are the words, they wriggle in the webs of language.
  • The truth should not be too bright like the sun: otherwise people will flee into the night and darken it.

These damn anti-Semitic grimaces should not reach for my ideal!

  • Three quarters of all the evil done in the world happens out of timidity.
  • There is a degree of stubborn mendacity, called "good conscience".
  • There are no moral phenomena, only a moral interpretation of phenomena.
  • Did you enjoy something? So take leave, it never comes again for the second time.
  • I love him who loves his virtue: for virtue is the will to doom and an arrow of yearning.
  • You love your virtue, as the mother loves her child; but when did you hear that a mother wanted to be paid for her love?
  • In a state of hatred, women are more dangerous than men.
  • You only stay good if you forget.
  • You do not hate as long as you estimate it low, but only when you estimate the same or higher.
  • You have to dismiss the bad taste of agreeing with many.
  • You have to be both compassionate and cruel to be one of them.
  • Many become too old for their truths and victories; a toothless mouth no longer has the right to any truth.
  • Thunder and celestial fireworks make people talk about limp and sleeping senses.
  • Courageous people are persuaded to act by being more dangerous than they are.

Take your language seriously!

  • Skepticism about morality is the deciding factor.
  • And anyway - even the smallest creations stand higher than talking about Geschaffnes.
  • Our belief in others reveals what we like to believe in ourselves.
  • Our strongest impulse, the tyrant in us, not only subjects our reason, but also our conscience.
  • From the animals and from the plant we have to learn what flowering is.
  • Beware of the good-natured! Dealing with them slackens.
  • What the father said, that comes in the son to speak; and often I found the son as the father's secret.
  • He who does not believe himself always lies.
  • However you are, serve yourself as a source of experience!
  • How rich is this earth of little good, perfect things, of well-being!
  • To master a master is to warn his students in front of him.


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