Quotes by Friedrick Rückert

Friedrich Rückert, born on May 16, 1788 in Schweinfurt, died on January 31, 1866 in Neuses, was a German poet whose translations make him the founder of German oriental studies.

Quotes, sayings and wisdom from Friedrich Rückert

Friedrich Rückert dealt with a total of around 44 languages. Have fun with our collection of the most beautiful quotes, wisdom and sayings from Friedrich Rückert: 

  • The sun draws sweet water from bitter seas, so draw love from the heart of your haters.
  • Modesty, a man's ornament, suits everyone, but twice that which should be proud.
  • Your eye can make the world cloudy or bright for you. The way you look at her will make her cry or laugh.
  • Your life is a stream; o do not be annoyed, inhibited by some mountain, to flow to the sea.
  • Your past is a dream and your future is a wind. Snap the moment that is between the two who are not.
  • The eagle flies alone, the raven in droves, company needs the gate and loneliness of the wise.
  • The world only takes part in our damage with pleasure. Three people at a time spoil slander: the one who speaks, the one who hears them, the one who hits them.
  • A serene mood is the same in every situation, but changes like the lake on a beautiful day.
  • Removing an error gives a true sentence; through errors themselves the truth always grows treasure.
  • Happiness only helps sometimes, work always.

In the same measure you want to receive, you have to give; If you want a whole heart, give a whole life.

  • The love lettering is embossed in a thousand flowers: how beautiful the earth is when it carries the sky!
  • Don't let this hold take you away! You have to believe in yourself if you want to do something.
  • Just lie and I'll believe it; but if you add so much protest, I will see that you are lying.
  • You don't live twice and how big is their number, they don't even live in the world.
  • Some people think they are free and do not see the ties that tie them up.
  • With each additional language you learn, you free a previously bound mind.
  • You shouldn't like the most beautiful thing in the world the most; but what you like best is the most beautiful of all.
  • What you are is not what honors you. How you are determines your value.
  • Nothing like flattery is so dangerous to you; you know she's lying, and yet you believe her.
  • Never, if you want to set the clock, the missed time and dreamy happiness returns.
  • O do not break the thread of friendship quickly! If it is also newly tied, a knot remains.
  • The drop of dew on the stem is nice and not too small to be a mirror glass for the great sun itself.

Even the five fingers are not the same on one hand, their service, their appearance, size and status are different.

  • Non-royal is not a characteristic of resentment; through them a king becomes beggars.
  • Don't postpone what you should get today until tomorrow; because tomorrow you will find something new to get.
  • If your mortal heart wants to wrinkle in anger, tell him: Do you know how soon you will crumble into dust?
  • When friend comes to friend, the slanderer's power dies.
  • If the younger one tends to evil ways, guilt hits the older one who sees it and is silent about it.
  • Whoever too eagerly reaffirms his promise shows you the will to break it.
  • If you do not like to be friendly to a stranger, you have probably never been to a foreign country yourself.
  • Whoever is something never tries to shine. Whoever wants to shine will never be anything.
  • If you want to find God, you have to bring him with you, only when he is in you can you see him in things.
  • Whoever makes a claim to what was not given to him is constantly dissatisfied with the world.
  • Like wind in a cage, like water in a sieve, good advice is in the ear of folly and love


Poems by Friedrich Rückert

You are my moon

You are my moon and I am your earth;
You say you turn around me
I don't know, I only know that I will
bright through you in my nights.

You are my moon and I am your earth;
they say you change.
You alone change the gesture of light
and love me immutable.

You are my moon and I am your earth
only my earth shadow prevents you
the love torch always at the focus of the sun
to ignite at night for me.



love poem

As the sun shines,
As the cloud weeps,
As the flame sprays,
As spring blooms;
I felt so true
How I hold you wrapped around:
You love me as I love you
I love you as you love me.

The sun may shine
Stop crying the cloud
The flame may spray
Spring no longer bloom!
We want to get around
And always feel like this:
You love me as I love you;
I love you as you love me.


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