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We were very surprised that there are few or no really nice quotes, sayings or wisdom about siblings or sibling love.

Quotes, sayings and wisdom about siblings and sibling love

Because what could be nicer than a functioning family and a good relationship with his brothers and sisters?

Quotes about siblings
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  • Brothers have a flower, but rarely a soul. German proverb
  • Now that the great are once men, the citizen, when he wants to love them, thinks of him as his equals, and he can do that best when he is a loving husband, a tender parent, a devoted sibling, a faithful friend may introduce. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Three brothers, three fortresses. Portuguese proverb
  • Siblings are silence and merit. Franz Grillparzer
  • In childhood, our love is limited to parents, siblings and schoolmates, in the youth to sex. In middle age we love fatherland, honors, studies, in old age humanity. Karl Julius Weber
  • Eat and drink with your brother but have no business with him. Friedrich Schiller
  • Lies and dizziness are step-siblings, they have the same mother, but different fathers. Franz Kern
  • Nothing is more important in every state than the interposition of a third. I have seen friends, siblings, lovers, spouses, whose relationship has been completely altered by the accidental or chosen addition of a new person whose situation has been completely reversed. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • As close as brothers are, possessions and advantages keep them apart. Chinese proverb
  • And yet I feel quite at home with my siblings, homely, at the same time homeless. Fanny to Reventlow
  • Woe to him who leads a lonely life away from parents and siblings! Gram consumes the next happiness in front of his lips, his thoughts always swarm down to his father's halls, where the sun first unlocks the sky before him, where fellow-born children playfully and firmly tied one another with gentle ties. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Soft, worried, of me! But alas! The mortal man does not let go of concern before life leaves him. If it is for once, come, you worry of love, drive out the siblings, take and assert my heart! Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • When siblings live three years of divided heritage, they become like neighbors. Chinese proverb
  • When her smallest girls carry around with dolls and patch up a few lobes for them, when older siblings then take care of the younger ones and the house makes use of itself and helps it up: then the further step into life is not great, and such a girl finds her husband, what she left with her parents. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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