Quotes happiness and be happy

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Quotes about happiness and being happy

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Quotes about happiness and being happy
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  • Anything that shakes the soul is luck. Arthur Schnitzler
  • Clouds of bliss are also involved in the production of thunderstorms. Anton Philipp Reclam
  • In this world a half happiness is already a rare luck. Emanuel Wertheimer
  • The happiness is not that you can do what you want, but that you always want what you do. Leo Tolstoy
  • The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts. Our life is the product of our thoughts. Marcus Aurelius
  • The luck of the man means: I want. The happiness of a woman means: he wants. Friedrich Nietzsche
  • The happiness of active life lies in the work of prudence, through which man governs himself and others. Thomas Aquinas
  • Happiness gives too many to many, but not enough. Marcus Valerius Martial
  • Happiness is blind. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Happiness is not an easy thing. It is very difficult to find it in us and elsewhere. Nicolas Chamfort
  • Happiness is not out of us and not in us, but in God, and when we have found him, it is everywhere. Blaise Pascal
  • You can't make happiness, you have to accept it as it comes, but you have to use it with reason. Wilhelm Heinse
  • Happiness is in us, not in things. François de La Rochefoucauld
  • The happiness lies not only in the ecstasies of love, but also in a very deep spiritual harmony.Fjodor Dostojewski
  • The luck that flatters you the most is the one you are most likely to cheat on. Franz Kafka
  • The human heart is cowardly, and it takes courage to be happy. Arthur Maria Freiherr von Lüttwitz
  • The perfect happiness is unknown. It is not created for man. Voltaire
  • Humans are not allowed to secure their happiness through misdeeds. Count Vittorio Alfieri
  • For what is it all about? To be happy. What does it do then, whether you are smart or stupid? Voltaire
  • The height of bliss is to seek no bliss. Chuang Dsi
  • The man enjoys the happiness he feels, the woman the happiness that gives it. Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

The road to happiness is not to worry about anything that eludes our influence. Epictetus

  • The path to true happiness is right now. German proverb
  • Most people are about as happy as they are self-made. Abraham Lincoln
  • The need to strive for true happiness is the foundation of freedom. John Locke
  • By no means do humans approach heaven more than by the happiness of men. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • A moment of happiness outweighs millennia of posthumous fame. Frederick the Great
  • A deep fall often leads to high luck. William Shakespeare
  • Capture the happiness of life on the fly: It will not come back. Friedrich von Bodenstedt
  • There is only one congenital error, and it is that we are there to be happy
    to be ch. Arthur Schopenhauer
  • It's nothing more disgusting than a fool who's lucky. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Friendship and love produce the happiness of human life, as two lips produce the kiss that enchants the soul. Friedrich Hebbel
  • Happiness is the well-being that comes with looking at the misery of another. Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce
  • Happiness is more dangerous to man than misfortune; this keeps him alert, that makes him indifferent. Charles de Secondat
  • Happiness is another name for willpower. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Happiness is nothing but satisfaction with one's own being. Giacomo Leopardi
  • Happiness is not without peace. Adolf Müllner
  • Luck and glass, how soon will that break! Publilius Syrus
  • To tolerate luck is not for everyone. Aristotle
  • Luckily no god and king can make you, if you can not do it yourself. Karl Julius Weber
  • Being happy means having a good character. Marcus Aurelius
  • Happy, who dares to protect what he loves, with courage. ovid
  • Happy, who recognizes himself on the edge of the abyss and avoids the fall! Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Happier than the happiest is who can make other people happy. Alexandre Dumas d. junior
  • To be great, to be good, to be beautiful, is not enough for man, he also wants to be happy. Mathilde Wesendonck
  • The greatest luck on earth is to share a night between a beautiful woman and a beautiful sky. Napoleon Bonaparte
  • So, if you have chosen the luck of the Lord, then submit to his moods. Boethius
  • I believe that my happiness consists in the hope of fulfilling my wishes. Paula Modersohn-Becker
  • Within ourselves are the stars of our happiness. Heinrich Heine
  • Every human being can be happy, if only he wants! Franz Grillparzer
  • No duty is neglected as much as the duty to be happy and content. Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Slow luck also lasts the longest. Saadi
  • You are never happy alone. Wilhelm Ludwig Wekhrlin
  • One is only happy by what one feels, not by what one is. Sully Prudhomme
  • You have to believe that happiness is possible to be happy. Leo Tolstoy
  • With the enjoyment of happiness, the pain of loss increases. Pliny the Younger
  • Nothing ages as fast as happiness. Oscar Wilde
  • Nothing is more bitter than to see that superhuman efforts produce so little happiness. Irène Némirovsky
  • Sailing in happiness human destiny smashes on hidden cliff. Aeschylus
  • We have just this hour. And an hour, when she is happy, is a lot. Theodor Fontane
  • Trust in your luck - and you bring it here. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • Who finds his happiness only in dreams, does not fit to real joys. Johann Nepomuk Nestroy
  • Those who can not afford any amenities will never conquer happiness. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
  • How little is enough to make us happy when we feel that we deserve it. Mark Twain
  • We have to have the courage to be happy. Henri-Frédéric Amiel
  • We know that the happiness we owe to lies is not true happiness. Heinrich Heine
  • Cast off the yoke of the superfluous, become rich without money, and you are happy. François Fénelon

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