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Heinrich Heine - born on 13.12.1797 in Dusseldorf, died on 17.02.1856 in Paris - is one of the most important poets and writers of the 19. Century.

Heinrich Heine quotes

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  • Everything in the world ends by chance and fatigue.
  • When I lost sight of the homeland, I found it in my heart.
  • As if freedom were not as much a religion as any other.
  • No life can flourish from the lie, and God can not be saved by the devil.
  • Education gaps often facilitate access to the heart.
  • Evil always arises where love is no longer sufficient.
  • The most interesting is always a garaziöse or witty deviation from the type of the beautiful.
  • Life is neither purpose nor means, life is a right.
  • Silence is the love of chaste blossom.
  • This was a prelude only, where you burn books, you also burn people in the end.
  • Your word is sweet, but sweeter is the kiss I kissed you.
  • If I think of Germany at night, then I'm about to sleep.
  • Seriousness is even more pronounced when the fun announces it.
  • Sleep is the most delicious invention.
  • Germany, we are ourselves.
  • Stupidity often goes hand in hand with malice.
  • The freedom of opinion presupposes that one has one at all.
  • The actions of a timorous one, such as those of a genius, are beyond calculation.
  • Love is always a kind of madness, more or less beautiful.
  • Time exerts a mitigating influence on our attitude through constant occupation with the opposition.
  • The journals are, of course, only the piss-corners of the literature, but all the advertisements are posted there.
  • You ask me, child, what love is? A star in a pile of crap.
  • Fragrances are the feelings of the flowers.
  • A great genius is formed by another great genius, less by assimilation than by friction.

A clever person notices everything. A stupid makes a comment about everything.

  • A secret predilection for what we once fought and suffered for is always in our hearts.
  • A beautiful hand graces the whole person.
  • But an honest man always has the inalienable right to openly confess his error.
  • Money is not the main thing, health is much more; but honor is everything.
  • Money is round and rolls away, but education remains.
  • Yesterday was a hero, today you are already a rogue.
  • God created the donkeys so that they can serve the people for comparison.
  • Great men work not only through their actions, but also through their personal lives.
  • Once you have loved love, you begin friendship.
  • In adolescence, love is more stormy, but not as strong, as almighty as later.
  • In the small chest of a human can hide a lot of misery.
  • Within ourselves are the stars of our happiness.
  • Each generation is a continuation of the others and is responsible for their actions.
  • Every time has its task, and through the solution of it mankind moves on.
  • Every time is a sphinx that plunges into the abyss once you have solved its riddle.
  • Unfortunately, public opinion depends more than you think on the journals.
  • Love itself is the strongest magic, every other enchantment must give way to it.
  • You always have to ask the smart people for advice and then do the opposite of what they advise.
  • Envy and misery have brought angels down.
  • With the best will of good faith no one can tell the truth about themselves.
  • To read with love and diligence - that is the most authoritative and loving thing that can be shown to a poet.
  • Only fools want to please; the strong wants to assert his thoughts.
  • Silence is the most essential condition of happiness.
  • As long as you are not avenged, there is always a bitterness in the heart.
  • To learn the truth, you have to contradict people.
  • What we admire yesterday, we hate today, and tomorrow we may mock it with indifference.
  • Far more impertinent than words, the smile of a man reveals his soul's deepest impudence.
  • If we think about it, we're all naked in our clothes.
  • Who meets once, is not a shooter.
  • Whoever pronounces the most and the most important with the fewest and simplest symbols, is the greatest artist.
  • Anyone who grabs a rose with a clumsy hand must not complain that the thorns are injuring him.
  • Whoever was never foolish in life, he was never a sage.
  • Like a good poet, nature loves no rough transitions.
  • We know that the happiness we owe to lies is not true happiness.
  • Joke without seriousness is just a sneeze of the mind.

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