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Even if the good old coffee house culture is in the background in times of plastic cups and coffee capsules, coffee is still one of the favorite drinks of the Germans.

Quotes about coffee

Reason enough to see us after a few quotes about coffee. Browse through our collection of the most beautiful quotes about coffee:

Quotes about drinking coffee
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• Coffee is the symbol of love. You love him brunette, blonde or black, but always hot. Author unknown
• The coffee must be as hot as hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel, sweet as love. Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand
• The coffee must be as hot as a girl's kisses on the first day, sweet as the nights in her arms and black as the mother's curses when she finds out. Arabic proverb
• The best way to enjoy life is to drink good coffee. And if you can't have one, try to be as cheerful and relaxed as if you had good coffee. Jonathan Swift
• There are three things to a good coffee: first coffee, second coffee and third coffee again. Alexandre Dumas the Elder
• Thank God, there will be no coffee in the next world. Because there's nothing worse than waiting for coffee when it's not there yet. Immanuel Kant
• Coffee does not dehydrate the body. Otherwise I would be dust. Franz Kafka
• Coffee is the black oil that alone makes this fantastic machine work again and again. Honoré de Balzac
• Coffee is the milk of thinkers and chess players. Arabic proverb
• You can always grind me coffee. Bessie Smith
• After a good coffee, you even forgive your parents. Oscar Wilde
• Where coffee is served, there is grace, friendship and happiness! Ansari Djerzeri Hanball Abd-al-Kadir

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