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A painting, a film or an opera performance are initially pure products. They only become art when they are perceived by at least one third person interpreting them

Quotes about art

Over the centuries, many scholars have expressed their views on what constitutes art in very different ways. Browse through our collection of the most beautiful quotes about art and artists:

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Quotes about art
  • The most ruthless in judging foreign artistic achievements are women of mediocre artists. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
  • The secret of art is that it corrects nature. Voltaire
  • The artistic pursuit demands freedom, the practical limitation. Johann Jakob Mohr
  • The artist should not be a scholar, but an educated one. Poor artist education means that art suffers more than anything else. As a result, it is pushed out of the higher sphere of insight and in terms of craftsmanship. Heinrich Wilhelm Josias Thiersch
  • The purpose of art is not to create agreement, but to shake it. Walter Hasenclever
  • The purpose of art must be either to please or to exalt. I can't find a single other reason for them. One is a nice reason, the other a noble reason. Edward Burne-Jones
  • The form of art results from the content, like the warmth from the fire. Gustave Flaubert
  • The art is that it cannot be noticed in a work of art. ovid
  • In its normal outfit, art serves as an excellent moral means of education and upbringing of society, in that it does not merely ennoble the external customs, but through the taste of the beautiful makes the mind receptive to the love for the good. Otto Pfleiderer
  • Art flies around the truth, but with the firm intention of not burning yourself. Franz Kafka
  • Art has its own purpose, it does not want to preach morality, but rather to delight with beauty; but the deeper and more fully it fulfills this peculiar purpose, the more it appeals to people's receptivity to custom in the higher sense of the word. Christian Oeser
  • Art is the conscience of humanity. Friedrich Hebbel
  • Art is the strongest form of individualism that the world knows. Oscar Wilde
  • Art is just an episode, love is more. Friedrich von Schlegel
  • The level of art of a people is not to be measured simply by the artists, but by the connoisseurs and patrons. Moritz Lazarus
  • The world is full of little joys, the art is only to see them, to have an eye for them. Li Taibai
  • Forgetting the world to live in his work, the artist creates a world in his work. Friedrich Spielhagen
  • Drawing is the soul of art. William Etty
  • A painting should be a little more than an interesting piece of color. The thought is the main thing. Jervis McEntee
  • There is no art that consumes as many forms as soon as music. Eduard Hanslick

Do you understand right art,
Do you learn to see with a hundred eyes
Do you feel their complaints and jokes
Do you feel the world with a thousand hearts.
Ferdinand Avenarius

  • It is not the task of art to copy nature, but to express it! Honoré de Balzac
  • Friends, never forget this golden rule: Nothing can hurt in art as long as you are cheeky. James McNeill Whistler
  • Every art includes a craft; I call the craft of art the part of it that can be taught and learned; where the craft ends, the real art begins. Otto Ludwig
  • Every artist started out as an amateur at some point. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Every real work of art is a magic mirror in which your own soul looks beautiful. Johann Jakob Mohr
  • No other profession is able to reward the heart with such divine satisfaction than artistry. Peter Rosegger
  • Art is the window through which people recognize their higher ability. Giovanni Segantini
  • Painting is the art of protecting surfaces from the weather and exposing them to critics. Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce
  • Painting is silent poetry and poetry is blind painting. Leonardo da Vinci
  • You have to hear the birds singing on the trees when you look at the picture! Théodore Rousseau
  • My God! How different is the beauty of nature from art. In a woman, the meat should be like marble. In a statue, the marble like the flesh. Victor Hugo
  • Often you meet someone who paints pictures, much less rarely someone who pays for them. Wilhelm Busch
  • As soon as the painters and connoisseurs agree that the best sketch is far from being a picture, the taste of the audience will have taken a good step forward. Eugène Fromentin
  • If it is a pleasure to enjoy the good, the greater it is to feel the better, and in art the best is good enough. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • We have art so that we don't perish on the truth. Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Where we notice that the artist worked consciously with general rules and abstractions, we find his work poor and trival. The works of the great artists, on the other hand, bring us the images of the characters and voices with a liveliness, a wealth of individual features, which seems almost superior to reality because the disturbing moments on it are absent. Hermann von Helmholtz
  • The aim of art is to simply create a mood. Oscar Wilde
  • To feel what he sees, to lift what he feels is what makes the artist's life. Max Klinger


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