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Quotes about life - life wisdom

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    But my life, every moment of this life, whatever happens to me in the future, will no longer be futile and futile as hitherto; it has an indubitable meaning: it lies in the good that I can put into every moment of my life. Leo Tolstoy

  • All strong people love life. Heinrich Heine
  • All human things do not last forever, but always incline from the first beginning until they reach their final end, especially the life of man. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  • Everything in life has its price; even the things that one imagines, one gets them as a gift. Theodor Fontane
  • All life is the struggle of the individual with the universe. Christian Friedrich Hebbel
  • There is nothing in my life and destinies. The effects of my life are endless. Johann Gottlieb Fichte
  • Behave yourself in life like a banquet. A dish is carried around and comes to you: you grow to length and take it away with decency. It is carried over: you do not hold it back. She has not come to you yet: You suppress your desire and wait quietly until she comes to you. So do it to your children, to your wife, to honors and riches, and you will be a table companion of the gods. Epictetus
  • The whole secret of prolonging one's life is not to shorten it. Ernst Baron von Feuchtersleben
  • That is the great righteousness of creation, that everyone creates the conditions for his future being. Gustav Theodor Fechner
  • Life is the movement. Aristotle
  • The life of every human being is a fairy tale written by the hand of God. Hans Christian Andersen
  • Life does not like it and is not gracious and cheap if you take it too seriously. Frank Wedekind
  • Life has no more value than we give it. Ludwig Anzengruber
  • Life is what the most unlikely states aspire to. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Life is the search for nothingness. Christian Morgenstern
  • Life is a mountain; As you climb up, you can see the summit and feel happy. But if you are on top, you suddenly see the abyss and the end, namely death. Uphill is slow, but downhill fast. Guy de Maupassant
  • Life is a bridge of sighs over a stream of tears. Philip James Bailey
  • Life is a comedy for the thinker and a tragedy for those who feel. Hippocrates
  • Life is a disease, and the only difference between humans is that they are in different stages of the disease. George Bernard Shaw
  • Life is an art in which one too often remains an amateur. To win championship, you have to shed your heart and soul. Carmen Sylva
  • Life is a tragedy in which we sit for a while as spectators and then play our role. Jonathan Swift
  • Life is an involuntary journey, an experiment. A journey of the mind through matter, and since the mind is the traveler, one travels in the spirit. In this way, some souls in contemplation have lived more intensively, extensively, and more violently than others in the outer world. Fernando Pessoa
  • Life is short, not so much because of the short time it takes, but because of this short time there is almost none left to enjoy it. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Life is sleep, whose dream is love. You will have lived when you will have loved. Alfred de Musset
  • Life is neither a pleasure nor a pain, but a serious matter with which we are charged and which we must lead and complete to our glory. Charles Alexis Henri Clérel de Tocqueville
  • Life is like a clever teeth removal. You always think that the real thing should come first, until you suddenly see that everything is over. Otto Prince of Bismarck

Life will be what I make of it. Romain Rolland

  • The essence of life lies in the movement that it continues to propagate. Henri Bergson
  • That you can live both long and short, make it your point. Epicharmus
  • For most people, their lives are shaped in ways that they themselves would not have dreamed of. Richard Rothe
  • He lived long, he lived well. Thomas Woodrow Wilson
  • The first half of our lives is spoiled by our parents and the second half by our children. Clarence Darrow
  • The life history of human beings usually breaks down into three main parts: their follies, their joys and their happiness or misfortune. Christoph Kuffner
  • The philosophers should realize that what matters is not life itself, but that it is good and happy, or better said, not too bad and unhappy. Giacomo Leopardi
  • You can not prolong your life, broaden it, just deepen it. Gorch Fock
  • There are only three events for man: being born, living and dying. But he does not realize when he is born. He suffers when he dies. And he forgets to live. Jean de la Bruyère
  • There is nothing simpler, but nothing more peaceful than our life. Caroline Philippine Baroness de la Motte-Fouqué
  • There is something beautiful, splendid, lofty about life! ETA Hoffmann
  • It is our business to shape our lives. Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz
  • It comes probably for each one hour, where he asks with amazement to himself: How to live! And you live! Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
  • Do not ask what life gives you, ask what you give. Alfred Adler
  • Enjoy your being more than your way of being, and the dearest object of your consciousness is this consciousness itself! Jean Paul
  • Hope and fear is the life force that keeps our hearts moving and in every moment of passion we should count on this variety. Ludwig Tieck
  • I do not know what that is, eternal life. But this one, this worldly, is a bad joke. Voltaire
  • In today's world, the world belongs only to the fools, the rough and the operational. The right to live and triumph nowadays is almost acquired by the same procedures with which one is led into a madhouse: the inability to think, the immorality and the over-excitement. Fernando Pessoa
  • Life is not like the fables. Not every section has its rhyming conclusion. Théophile Gautier
  • If life is unhappy, it is laborious to endure; if it is happy, it is terrible to lose it. Both come out the same. Jean de la Bruyère
  • Life is life's highest good! Friedrich Schiller

Isn't life given to us so that we can become richer in spirit, even if the external appearance has to suffer? Vincent van Gogh

  • No life is so hard that you could not make it easier by the way you take it. Ellen Glasgow
  • No beautiful life is found, you divide it into day and hours. Wilhelm Müller
  • Therefore, let us gracefully accept these years as a gift, as we have at all to look our whole life, and recognize with appreciation every year that is raised. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Live as you, when you die / will wish to have lived. Christian Fürchtegott Gellert
  • Life is the inhalation of the future. Pierre Leroux
  • Life is the art of drawing the right conclusions from false premises. Samuel Butler
  • Life is doing and suffering. The more knowledgeable man, the deeper his emotional suffering. Oswald Spengler
  • The art of living is to reconcile your own nature with your own work. Luis Ponce de Léon
  • You can not sail the seas without knowing where you are going, and you can not live without knowing why. Leo Tolstoy
  • One should savor life in all its fullness and beauty without looking at the details. Details are always mean. Oscar Wilde
  • One should not fear death, but one will never begin to live. Marcus Aurelius
  • Do not pretend to be one hundred years old. For how close perhaps is your end! But as long as you live, as long as it is in your power - be good! Marcus Aurelius
  • Footsteps of the wanderer over the snow are similar to my life: mark the trail, but do not stain it. Karl Ludwig von Knebel
  • For the sake of gray hair and wrinkles, you must not think that one has lived long. He did not live long, he was only there for a long time. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • Our life is the river that pours into the sea, which means dying. Jorge Manrique
  • Despise the life to enjoy it! Jean Paul
  • You can understand life backwards; but you have to live it forward. Søren Kierkegaard
  • Why do you see the life in your youth that you still have ahead of you for so long? Because you have to have room for the limitless hopes with which you populate it. Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Nobody succeeds in wise living by accident. As long as you live, you have to learn how to live. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • If you know life, please give me your address. Jules Renard
  • How ridiculous and unworldly is he who wonders about anything that happens in life. Marcus Aurelius
  • We believe we live, but in reality we only work to avoid dying. Sully Prudhomme
  • Life requires strength and courage, one may sit on the throne, live in the hut or beg for his bread on the cornerstone. Friedrich Maximilian von Klinger

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